Last week In Visual Artists 22

Andy Morahan, David Fincher, Diego Uchitel, Hebru Brantley, John Hillcoat, Jonathan Barnbrook, Mark Kostabi, Michel Comte, Rex Ray, Russell James, Ruvén Afanador, Shervin Lainez. They are the 12 Visual Artists selected among the 235 Posts we published last week.

Here, they are reunited in one glorious playlist. Enjoy!


1 . Andy Morahan – In Search of Incredible / The Cry of the Peacocks (by ViralVideoChart)

Lifted from : “Foreign Affair” Tina Turner’s seventh solo album

2 . David Fincher – Masterpieces (by Gabriel Fasano)

Lifted from : “Pump” Aerosmith’s tenth album

3 . Diego Uchitel – Penny Preville Campaign Photo Shoot (by Solomon Brothers)

Lifted from : “Bathhouse Betty” Bette Midler’s ninth album

4 . Hebru Brantley – Portrait (by IamtheGuy)

Lifted from : “ArtScience” Robert Glasper Experiment’s tenth album

5 . John Hillcoat – Interview / Black Mirror Season 4 (by American Film Institute / Oh My Gore !)

Lifted from : “The Resistance” Muse’s fifth album

6 . Jonathan Barnbrook – Design Duo 2017 (by animazionedesign)

Lifted from : “Reality” David Bowie’s twenty-third album

7 . Mark Kostabi – Sellin’ It (by Ovation)

Lifted from : “Use Your Illusion I & II” Guns N’ Roses’ third & fourth albums

8 . Michel Comte – Milk Studios 20 Year Collaboration (by Milk)

Lifted from : “Mama Said Knock You Out” LL Cool J’s fourth album

9 . Rex Ray – Teaser for the documentary “How To Make a DVD” (by AcentricAdam)

Lifted from : “Reality” David Bowie’s twenty-third album

10 . Russell James – Showreel 2016 (by Yoke Productions)

Lifted from : “Partners” Barbra Streisand’s thirty-fourth album

11 . Ruvén Afanador – Rihanna for Harper’s Bazaar Arabia / Nueva colección ARKITECT +(by Harper’s Bazaar Arabia / Almacenes Éxito)

Lifted from : “Circus” Lenny Kravitz’ fourth album

12 . Shervin Lainez – Regina Spektor Behind the Scenes of “Don’t Leave Me” (by Regina Spektor)

Lifted from : “Half the Perfect World” Madeleine Peyroux’ fourth album


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