Madeleine Peyroux releases her eighth album ‘Anthem’ titled after the Leonard Cohen’s song. ‘Forte Anthem’

Madeleine Peyroux‘s ‘Anthem’ is her eighth studio album produced by Larry Klein, recorded with Patrick Warren, Brain MacLeod and David Baerwaldis and released on August 31, 2018 by Verve


(Source Madeleine Peyroux – Anthem | Official Site)

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She says, ‘this album was about discovering the original songs as they were being recorded” and to “let the songs choose their own path.” […]

Rather, the late Leonard Cohen hovers over proceedings, brooding and wry, as was his manner in his later career. […]

The Art Desk
…. with a relaxed swing that suits Peyroux’s exquisitely timed phrasing … […]


<a href=Madeleine Peyroux – The Blue Room ‘ width=’190’ height=’161’/>
Madeleine Peyroux – Bare Bones ‘ width=’190’ height=’161’/>
<a href=Madeleine Peyroux – Standing on the Rooftop’ width=’190′ height=’161’/>
Madeleine Peyroux – Half the Perfect World’ width=’190′ height=’161’/>
<a href=Madeleine Peyroux‘s ‘Secular Hymns’ ‘ width=’190’ height=’161’/>

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