Telarc publish ‘Jim Hall & Pat Metheny’ recorded live or in studio (1999)

Jim Hall & Pat Metheny‘ is an album featuring 11 tracks done in studio and 6 done live and released on April 27, 1999 by Telarc.


Telarc publish ‘Jim Hall & Pat Metheny’ recorded live or in studio (1999)

1 . Pat Metheny & Jim Hall

Jim Hall & Pat Metheny

Track Listing : 1.Lookin’ Up (Jim Hall) – 04:34 . 2.All The Things You Are (Oscar Hammerstein Ii, Jerome Kern) – 06:58 . 3.The Birds And The Bees (Atilla Zoller) – 05:04 . 4.Improvisation, No. 1 (Jim Hall, Pat Metheny) – 01:05 . 5.Falling Grace (Steve Swallow) – 04:39 . 6.Ballad Z (Pat Metheny) – 04:33 . 7.Summertime (George Gershwin, Dubose Heyward) – 05:35 . 8.Farmer’S Trust (Lyle Mays, Pat Metheny) – 05:29 . 9.Cold Spring (Jim Hall) – 06:29 . 10.Improvisation, No. 2 (Jim Hall, Pat Metheny) – 01:11 . 11.Into The Dream (Pat Metheny) – 03:05 . 12.Don’T Forget (Pat Metheny) – 04:46 . 13.Improvisation, No. 3 (Jim Hall, Pat Metheny) – 03:22 . 14.Waiting To Dance (Jim Hall) – 04:38 . 15.Improvisation, No. 4 (Jim Hall, Pat Metheny) – 02:37 . 16.Improvisation, No. 5 (Jim Hall, Pat Metheny) – 02:08 . 17.All Across The City (Jim Hall) – 07:34

Musicians : Jim Hall – Electric Guitar . Pat Metheny – Electric, Acoustic, Fretless Acousticand A 42-String Guitar

Production : Produced By Gil Goldstein, Steve Rodby. Pat Metheny

Recorded 1998.

Released On April 27, 1999 By Telarc.

(Source Pat Metheny – Official Site)

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All About Jazz
Master and apprentice. Predecessor and descendant. Originator and influenced. None of those descriptions of the musical relationship on Jim Hall & Pat Metheny quite sound right. Nor are they accurate. […]
The final track on the album ….where it feels like the set has come full circle, to the point where it feels that this was a choice of Metheny, to show his admiration for Halland all he has done for the jazz idiom, where Metheny clearly emulates Hall’s playing, more so than at any other point in the albumand it sounds absolutely fantastic. […]

Their interplay is nothing short of astoundingand the five improvisational pieces scattered throughout the program sometimes sound as organized as the standards. The mood does get a little bit samey after a whileand the complete lack of high frequencies in both guitarists’ tones might leave you wondering if you’ve got water in your ear. […]

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