‘Meals Ahead’ is our playlist for every food lover.

From ‘Pigmeat’ to ‘Fried Pies’, we have mixed in “Meals Ahead” 20 tunes around the theme of ‘Main Courses‘. It has Jazz Crusaders, Fats Waller, Ray Charles, Neil Diamond and many more.


IMAGE : Cook Photo by Kables

Cascade Blues Association: After the war, Champion Jack Dupree moved to New York, where he once again sought a career as a musician.

Red Hot Jazz : Hawkins was one of the few Hot Jazz musicians who made the shift to Be Bop in the Forties.

Verve Music Group : As Jo Jones once put it: “I’m the richest drummer that’s lived in fifty years, because nobody ever had what I have…the pleasure of fitting up with a band night after night…

HowStuffWorks : “Do Mexican jumping beans have the near-human mental capacity of the beans that help Speedy Gonzalez? Are they able to jump the length of a room,..

PLAYLIST : Neil Diamond – Porcupine Pie (2.04) . Leadbelly – Pigmeat (3.15) . Cyrus Chestnut – Soul Food (8.29) . Dave Brubeck – Short’nin_Bread (2.26) . Coleman Hawkins – Bean Soup (3.05) . Jazz Crusaders – Purple Onion (5.48) . Joe Lovano – Bread and Wine (3.34) . Lluis Coloma – Red Beans (4.33) . Champion Jack Dupree – Cabbage greens (2.35) . Memphis Minnie – Pig Meat On The Line (2.33) . Idris Muhammad – Bread (4.1) . Fats Waller – All That Meat And No Potatoes (2.46) . Jimi Hendrix (w. Lonnie Youngblood) – Soul Food (3.30) . Hidden Beach Recordings – Salt shaker (4.01) . Dizzy Gillepsie Big Band – Hey Pete! Let’s Eat More Meat (3.06) . Count Basie – Mama Don’t Want No Peas ‘n’ Rice ‘n’ Coconut Oil (2.56) . Ray Charles (with james taylor) – Sweet Potato Pie (3.48) . Wes Montgomery – Fried Pies (6.47) . Willie Colón & Hector Lavoe – Pan y Agua (Bread and Water) (5.17) . Dave Brubeck – Mexican Jumping Bean (6.34) .

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