Miles Davis records ‘Dark Magus’ at Carnegie Hall in New York City (1974)

Miles Davis‘ ‘Dark Magus’ is a live double album recorded on March 30, 1974 at Carnegie Hall in New York City and released in 1977 by CBS.


Miles Davis records ‘Dark Magus’ at Carnegie Hall in New York City (1974)

1 . Dark Magus (São Paulo, Brazil, 1974)

Track Listing : 1.Dark Magus / Moja (Miles Davis) – 25:24 . 2.Dark Magus / Wili (Miles Davis) – 25:08 . 3.Dark Magus / Tatu (Miles Davis) – 25:20 . 4.Dark Magus / Nne (Miles Davis) – 25:32

Musicians : Miles Davis – Electric Trumpet With Wah-Wah, Yamaha Organ On (2 – 3 – 4) . Dave Liebman – Soprano Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone . Azar Lawrence – Tenor Saxophone On (3 – 4) . Pete Cosey – Electric Guitar . Reggie Lucas – Electric Guitar . Dominique Gaumont – Electric Guitar On (3 – 4) . Michael Henderson – Electric Bass . Al Foster – Drums . James Mtume Foreman – Percussion

Production : Produced By Teo Macero

Recorded On March 30, 1974 At Carnegie Hall In New York City.

Released In 1977 By Cbs.

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The New York Public Library,
Great Albums You May Have Missed: Miles Davis Dark Magus (1997)The cover image is an enigma, it is hard to make out anything more then shapes and colors, possibly Davis in tripped out profile on the far right. This does perfect justice to the music contained within. […]
Recorded at Carnegie Hall on a bitter cold March night, this is where Miles just became straight-up sinister. To put it bluntly: There’s a reason why the title of the album has the word “dark” in it, and his dark times certainly came alive in his music. […]

MAGNET Magazin
He did, however, bring people of all ages and backgrounds together to a common plane—a sense of not knowing what the fuck had just happened. […]


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