Miles Davis records ‘In Concert’ at the Philharmonic Hall, New York City (1972)

Miles Davis‘ ‘In Concert’ is a live double album recorded on September 29, 1972 at the Philharmonic Hall, New York City and released In May 1973 by Columbia.


Miles Davis records ‘In Concert’ at the Philharmonic Hall, New York City (1972)

Track Listing : 1.Foot Fooler (Part 1) – 20:45 . 2.Foot Fooler (Part 2) – 25:23 . 3.Slickaphonics (Part 1) – 18:12 . 4.Slickaphonics (Part 2) – 20:21

Musicians : Miles Davis – Electric Trumpet With Wah-Wah . Carlos Garnett – Soprano & Tenor Saxophone . Cedric Lawson – Electric Piano, Synthesizer . Reggie Lucas – Electric Guitar . Khalil Balakrishna – Electric Sitar . Michael Henderson – Electric Bass . Al Foster – Drums . Badal Roy – Tablas . James Mtume – Percussion

Production : Produced By Teo Macero . Stanley Tonkel – Engineer . Russ Payne – Mixing

Package : Cozbi Sanchez-Cabrera – Art Direction . Bobby Previte – Liner Notes . Randall Martin – Design . Urve Kuusik – Photography . Corky McCoy – Artwork

Recorded On September 29, 1972 At The Philharmonic Hall, New York City.

Released In May 1973 By Columbia.

(Source Miles Davis‘ ‘In Concert’ | Miles Davis Official Website)


Rolling Stone
The one real bummer is the short shrift given to Carlos Garnett’s soulful, creative soprano sax work. He was virtually inaudible during the concert and he is difficult to hear on the record, as he was throughout On The Corner. […]

Stylus Magazine
It’s strange that what now sounds so assimilative seemed so foreign in 1973, especially considering that my listening tastes at the time were relatively adventurous. In my defense, such bafflement was not exclusive to my young ears, as hordes of jazz fans in 1973 were bewildered by Miles’ latest direction. […]

thrasher2809 @ RateYourMusic
Something’s gone wrong on this recording. Something subtle. Maybe cues were missed, maybe Miles wasn’t feeling great that night, I dunno. But something’s not right. […]

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