Blue Note publish Robert Glasper’s album : ‘Canvas’ (2005)

Robert Glasper’s ‘Canvas’ is a studio (his first for a major label) album released on October 4, 2005 by Blue Note

Track Listing : 1.Rise And Shine (Robert Glasper) – 07:37 . 2.Canvas (Robert Glasper) – 09:57 . 3.Portrait Of An Angel (Robert Glasper) – 05:24 . 4.Enoch’S Meditation (Robert Glasper) – 08:12 . 5.Centelude (Robert Glasper) – 01:06 . 6.Jelly’S Da Beener (Robert Glasper) – 07:46 . 7.Chant (Robert Glasper) – 08:17 . 8.Riot (Herbie Hancock) – 06:20 . 9.North Portland (Robert Glasper) – 05:51 . 10.I Remember (Robert Glasper) – 05:58

Clay Patrick Mcbride

Musicians : Robert Glasper – Piano . Vicente Archer – Bass . Damion Reid – Drums . Mark Turner – Tenor Saxophone . Bilal – Vocals

Production : Produced By Eli Wolf . Joe Marciano – Engineer, Mastering, Mixing

Package : Burton Yount – Art Direction, Design . Clay Patrick Mcbride asterisques RVM – Photography . Gordon H. Jee – Creative Director

Recorded May 13-25, 2005.

Released On October 4, 2005 By Blue Note .


All the tracks but “Riot” are originals, although Glasper’s take on Hancock stands out as an artistic centerpiece. Playing Rhodes as well as piano, he takes a seemingly inconsequential snippet of the melody and loops it as a five-bar phrase for soloing […]

Canvas is instead a completely original trio jazz record flavored by modern production touches and a youthful sense of adventure. It contains a few dazzling technical moments, but the body of the album is based on simple progressions and melodies leaving plenty of room to explore their possibilities. […]

All About Jazz.
There you go. Maybe I’m missing something, but this album is jazz, plain and simple. If Glasper intended to draw a hip-hop audience, I’d say he failed miserably. But from a jazz standpoint, he scores a major hit. […]


Robert Glasper’s ‘Canvas’ on RVM [Radio.Video.Music]M


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