Blue Note publish Robert Glasper’s album : ‘Canvas’ (2005)

Robert Glasper‘s ‘Canvas’ is a studio (his first for a major label) album released on October 4, 2005 by Blue Note


Blue Note publish Robert Glasper’s album : ‘Canvas’ (2005)

Track Listing : 1.Rise And Shine (Robert Glasper) – 07:37 . 2.Canvas (Robert Glasper) – 09:57 . 3.Portrait Of An Angel (Robert Glasper) – 05:24 . 4.Enoch’S Meditation (Robert Glasper) – 08:12 . 5.Centelude (Robert Glasper) – 01:06 . 6.Jelly’S Da Beener (Robert Glasper) – 07:46 . 7.Chant (Robert Glasper) – 08:17 . 8.Riot (Herbie Hancock) – 06:20 . 9.North Portland (Robert Glasper) – 05:51 . 10.I Remember (Robert Glasper) – 05:58

Clay Patrick Mcbride

Musicians : Robert Glasper – Piano . Vicente Archer – Bass . Damion Reid – Drums . Mark Turner – Tenor Saxophone . Bilal – Vocals

Production : Produced By Eli Wolf . Joe Marciano – Engineer, Mastering, Mixing

Package : Burton Yount – Art Direction, Design . Clay Patrick Mcbride asterisques RVM – Photography . Gordon H. Jee – Creative Director

Recorded May 13-25, 2005.

Released On October 4, 2005 By Blue Note .

(Source The Official Robert Glasper Website)


All the tracks but “Riot” are originals, although Glasper’s take on Hancock stands out as an artistic centerpiece. Playing Rhodes as well as piano, he takes a seemingly inconsequential snippet of the melody and loops it as a five-bar phrase for soloing […]

Canvas is instead a completely original trio jazz record flavored by modern production touches and a youthful sense of adventure. It contains a few dazzling technical moments, but the body of the album is based on simple progressions and melodies leaving plenty of room to explore their possibilities. […]

All About Jazz.
There you go. Maybe I’m missing something, but this album is jazz, plain and simple. If Glasper intended to draw a hip-hop audience, I’d say he failed miserably. But from a jazz standpoint, he scores a major hit. […]


Robert Glasper‘s ‘Canvas’ on RVM [Radio.Video.Music]M


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