Warner Bros. publish Joshua Redman’s seventh album : ‘Beyond’ (2000)

Joshua Redman‘s ‘Beyond’ is his seventh studio album as a leader released on April 4, 2000 by Warner Bros.


Warner Bros. publish Joshua Redman’s seventh album : ‘Beyond’ (2000)

Track Listing : 1.Courage (Asymmetric Aria) (Joshua Redman) – 07:34 . 2.Belonging (Lopsided Lullaby) (Joshua Redman) – 05:50 . 3.Neverend (Joshua Redman) – 04:27 . 4.Leap Of Faith (Joshua Redman) – 09:06 . 5.Balance (Joshua Redman) – 09:05 . 6.Twilight… And Beyond (Joshua Redman) – 11:00 . 7.Stoic Revolutions (Joshua Redman) – 06:13 . 8.Suspended Emanations (Joshua Redman) – 06:22 . 9.Last Rites Of Rock ‘N’ Roll (Joshua Redman) – 07:05 . 10.A Life? (Joshua Redman) – 06:51

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Musicians : Joshua Redman – Saxophone . Mark Turner – Saxophone . Aaron Goldberg – Piano . Reuben Rogers – Double Bass . Gregory Hutchinson – Drums

Production : Produced By Joshua Redman, James Farber . James Farber Engineer . Anthony Gorman – Assistant Engineer . Andrea Yankovsky – Assistant Engineer . Greg Calbi – Mastering

Package : Frank Ockenfels III asterisques RVM – Photography . Frank Olinsky – Art Direction . Paul Silver – Photography

Recorded May – June, 1999 At Avatar Studios, New York City.

Released On April 4, 2000 By Warner Bros.

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His latest offering is titled ‘Beyond’ and represents his seventh release to date. The album features Joshua Redman on tenor, alto and soprano saxophoneand includes Aaron Goldberg on piano, Ruben Rogers on bass and Gregory Hutchinson on drums, as well as a guest appearance by tenor saxophonist Mark Turner. […]

Redman creates suspense similar to R&B sensualists Al Green and Marvin Gaye. He knows how to croon a melody through the saxophone. Sometimes Redman extends a phrase slightly over the bar, like on the lulling ballad “Neverend,” that brings you to the edge of your seat in anticipation. […]

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Jazzy JoshWhat sets saxophonist Joshua Redman apart from other contemporary jazz artists is his enthusiasm for songwriting, an enthusiasm he articulates in Beyond. Redman has created his own rich melodies that can fold into themselves or free the space for colorful possibilities. […]


Joshua Redman‘s ‘Beyond’ M



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