Robert Wyatt records his sixth album : ‘Dondestan’ for Rough Trade (1991)

Robert Wyatt’s ‘Dondestan’ is the sixth studio album recorded in February 1991 and released in 1991 By Rough Trade.

Track Listing : 1.Cp Jeebies (Robert Wyatt) – 04:04 . 2.N.I.O. (New Information Order) (Robert Wyatt) – 06:37 . 3.Dondestan (Robert Wyatt) – 05:01 . 4.Sight Of The Wind (Alfreda Benge, Robert Wyatt) – 04:57 . 5.Shrinkrap (Alfreda Benge, Robert Wyatt) – 03:51 . 6.Catholic Architecture (Alfreda Benge, Robert Wyatt) – 05:02 . 7.Worship (Alfreda Benge, Robert Wyatt) – 05:52 . 8.Costa (Memories Of Under-Development) (Alfreda Benge, Robert Wyatt) – 04:09 . 9.Left On Man (Robert Wyatt) – 03:31 . 10.Lisp Service (Hugh Hopper, Robert Wyatt) – 02:13

Musicians : Robert Wyatt – Vocals, Instuments

Package : Alfreda Benge – Artwork, Paintings, Photography

Recorded In February 1991 At Chapel Studios, South Thoresby (Lincolnshire).

Released In 1991 By Rough Trade.


If his collaborations with his wife fail as often as they hit the mark, the album works as a whole as a strange political statement somehow melded with a bewitching musical background. […]

Warthur @ RateYourMusic
Like Old Rottenhat, it’s a multi-instrumentalist effort with strongly politicised lyrics and more than a touch of free jazz influence here and thereand I certainly wouldn’t recommend it to anyone new to Wyatt’s discography (especially when the gorgeous Rock Bottom is such a brilliant starting point). […]

The Quietus
Nonetheless it feels a little thin and compositionally adrift in places – perhaps that’s why it’s the origin of the term ‘Wyatting’, the custom of playing obscure records on pub jukeboxes to annoy punters. […]


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