Roy Haynes records ‘Out of the Afternoon’ with Roland Kirk, Tommy Flanagan and Henry Grimes (1962)

Roy Haynes‘ ‘Out of the Afternoon’ is an album recorded on May 16, 1962, with Roland Kirk on tenor saxophone, Tommy Flanagan on piano and Henry Grimes on bass and released the same year by Impulse!

Track Listing : 1.Moon Ray (Roy Haynes) – 06:41 . 2.Fly Me To The Moon (In Other Words) (Bart Howard) – 06:40 . 3.Raoul (Roy Haynes) – 06:01 . 4.Snap Crackle (Roy Haynes) – 04:11 . 5.If I Should Lose You (Roy Haynes) – 05:49 . 6.Long Wharf (Roy Haynes) – 04:42 . 7.Some Other Spring (Arthur Herzog Jr., Irene Kitchings) – 03:39

Musicians : Roland Kirk – Tenor Saxophone, Manzello – Stritch – C Flute – Nose Flute . Tommy Flanagan – Piano . Henry Grimes – Bass . Roy Haynes – Drums

Production : Produced By Bob Thiele – Producer Rudy Van Gelder – Engineer

Package : Lee Tanner – Photography . Hollis King – Art Direction . Burt Goldblatt – Photography . Stanley Dance – Liner Notes

Recorded On May 16, 1962.

Released In 1962 By Impulse!.

(Source Roy Haynes‘ ‘Out of the Afternoon’ | Roy Haynes @ Wikipedia)

So when it came time to assemble a group for his own date, Haynes cleverly combined the experimental-yet-grounded Rahsaan Roland Kirk and the classicism of pianist Tommy Flanagan, producing one of the more rewarding combinations of soloists in jazz. […]

Positive Feedback
Each instrument is enveloped in a wash of reverb that adds a nice sense of spaciousness to the overall soundd…: Henry Grimes‘ upright bass is punchy and clean; Roland Kirk‘s flute sounds appropriately airy yet smooth, his sax rounded and burnished in tone; Tommy Flanagan‘s piano is as full-bodied and harmonically complex as it should be; and Haynes’ drums sound startlingly real—listen to how his snare hits and drum kicks “pop” with realistic force, weight and attack, or how the cymbals shimmer with texture and decay. […]

Revive Music
Further explorations of Roy Haynes will almost inevitability lead to Out of the Afternoon. On this album, the play of Haynes is more lithe than light. He moves along each track with an ease not typically associated with the often commanding personality of the drums. None capture this better than “Snap Crackle.” […]


Roy Haynes‘ ‘Out of the Afternoon’


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