Virgin publish Soul II Soul’s debut album : ‘Club Classics Vol. One’ featuring ‘Back To Life’ (1989)

Soul II Soul‘s ‘Club Classics Vol. One’ is their debut album released on April 10, 1989 by Virgin..


Virgin publish Soul II Soul’s  debut album : ‘Club Classics Vol. One’ featuring ‘Back To Life’ (1989)

Track Listing : 1.Keep On Movin’ (Trevor Beresford Romeo) – 06:00 . 2.Fairplay (Trevor Beresford Romeo, Nellee Hooper, Rose Windross) – 05:55 . 3.Holdin’ On (Trevor Beresford Romeo, Simon Law) – 04:13 . 4.Feeling Free (Trevor Beresford Romeo) – 04:13 . 5.African Dance (Trevor Beresford Romeo, Simon Law) – 06:00 . 6.Dance (Trevor Beresford Romeo, Simon Law) – 03:40 . 7.Feel Free (Trevor Beresford Romeo, Nellee Hooper) – 05:00 . 8.Happiness (Trevor Beresford Romeo, Nellee Hooper) – 05:30 . 9.Back To Life (Trevor Beresford Romeo) – 03:12 . 10.Jazzie’S Groove (Trevor Beresford Romeo, Nellee Hooper) – 03:12

Musicians : Soul Ii Soul – Band . Caron Wheeler – Vocals On (1 – 9) . Rose Windross – Vocals On (2) . Do ‘Reen – Vocals On (7) . Jazzie B. – Rap . Simon Law – Keyboards, Piano . Andrew Levy – Bass . Shikisha – Vocals . Crispin – Percussion . Kushite – Flute . Graham Silbiger – Bass . Aitch B. – Vocals (Background)

Production : Produced By Jazzie B., Nellee Hooper

Recorded 1988–1989.

Released On April 10, 1989 By Virgin.

Package : David James – Design . Jamie Morgan – Photography .

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Takes you right back to the vibrancy, excitement and possibilities of the time. Club Classics Vol One still fascinates. It is what soul sounded like at the end of the 80s, the UK’s answer to Italo-House and Daisy Age hip hop. Leader Jazzie B’s amalgamation of styles provided the first really mature musical exploration of the post-rave scene. […]
Their soulful presence located here is something you won’t find every dayand I believe the melodies and percussions exemplify this in a great way. Soul II Soul’s debut album is a heart-sparkling album that is absolutely essential and worthwhile to check outand if you didn’t enjoy ‘Keep on Movin’ (which I could find somewhat hard to believe), don’t automatically assume you won’t find anything better on this album, because I’m definitely sure you will. […]

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Jazzie B: The man himself on an era-defining album Jazzie jokes today that he thinks “the album did alright” in terms of commercial and critical successand when pushed to acknowledge the albums justified classic status, he adds that he’d “be a mug not to say that… 20 years later the record’s still flying out. It can’t be all that bad,” he laughs […]


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