EMI publish T. Rex’ eighth album : ‘Tanx’ (1973)

T. Rex’ ‘Tanx’ is their eighth studio album produced by Tony Visconti and released on January 28, 1973 by EMI.

Track Listing : 1.Tenement Lady (Marc Bolan) – 02:55 . 2.Rapids (Marc Bolan) – 02:48 . 3.Mister Mister (Marc Bolan) – 03:29 . 4.Broken Hearted Blues (Marc Bolan) – 02:02 . 5.Shock Rock (Marc Bolan) – 01:43 . 6.Country Honey (Marc Bolan) – 01:47 . 7.Electric Slim And The Factory Hen (Marc Bolan) – 03:03 . 8.Mad Donna (Marc Bolan) – 02:16 . 9.Born To Boogie (Marc Bolan) – 02:04 . 10.Life Is Strange (Marc Bolan) – 02:30 . 11.The Street And Babe Shadow (Marc Bolan) – 02:18 . 12.Highway Knees (Marc Bolan) – 02:34 . 13.Left Hand Luke And The Beggar Boys (Marc Bolan) – 05:18

Musicians : T.Rex – Band . Marc Bolan – Vocals, Guitar . Mickey Finn – Conga, Hand Percussion, Vocals . Steve Currie – Bass . Bill Legend – Drums . Tony Visconti – Mellotron, Backing Vocals . Howard Casey – Saxophone . Elton John – Piano

Production : Produced By Tony Visconti .

Arrangements : Tony Visconti

Package : John Kosh – Cover Design . Peter Howe – Photography

Released On January 28, 1973 By Emi / Reprise.

T. Rex


Almost Credible Reviews
And true to form, “Tanx” is the record that seems to separate T Rex fans and critics alike. For some, it is an album of unbelievable diversity that rivals his greatest work…for others it is a very disappointing, transitional album where Bolan is just scrapping the bottom of his songwriting barrel in an attempt to ride the last drops of his wave of Glam popularity. […]

Rolling Stone
And we are presented the most puzzling line of the year, “Pain is meat and meat is people.” Outside of its possible utility as a frustrated shopper’s slogan, this remark is useless. […]

Ultimate Classic Rock
When T. Rex Had Their Last Hurrah With ‘Tanx’Sadly, Marc Bolan’s died in a car crash six months after that final album was released. Though never a star in the U.S. the way he was in England, Bolan’s legend has justifiably grown over the years […]


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