EMI publish T. Rex’ eighth album : ‘Tanx’ (1973)

T. Rex‘ ‘Tanx’ is their eighth studio album produced by Tony Visconti and released on January 28, 1973 by EMI.


EMI publish T. Rex’ eighth album : ‘Tanx’ (1973)

Track Listing : 1.Tenement Lady (Marc Bolan) – 02:55 . 2.Rapids (Marc Bolan) – 02:48 . 3.Mister Mister (Marc Bolan) – 03:29 . 4.Broken Hearted Blues (Marc Bolan) – 02:02 . 5.Shock Rock (Marc Bolan) – 01:43 . 6.Country Honey (Marc Bolan) – 01:47 . 7.Electric Slim And The Factory Hen (Marc Bolan) – 03:03 . 8.Mad Donna (Marc Bolan) – 02:16 . 9.Born To Boogie (Marc Bolan) – 02:04 . 10.Life Is Strange (Marc Bolan) – 02:30 . 11.The Street And Babe Shadow (Marc Bolan) – 02:18 . 12.Highway Knees (Marc Bolan) – 02:34 . 13.Left Hand Luke And The Beggar Boys (Marc Bolan) – 05:18

Musicians : T. Rex – Band . Marc Bolan – Vocals, Guitar . Mickey Finn – Conga, Hand Percussion, Vocals . Steve Currie – Bass . Bill Legend – Drums . Tony Visconti – Mellotron, Backing Vocals . Howard Casey – Saxophone . Elton John – Piano

Production : Produced By Tony Visconti .

Arrangements : Tony Visconti

Package : John Kosh – Cover Design . Peter Howe – Photography

Released On January 28, 1973 By Emi / Reprise.

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Almost Credible Reviews
And true to form, “Tanx” is the record that seems to separate T. Rex fans and critics alike. For some, it is an album of unbelievable diversity that rivals his greatest work…for others it is a very disappointing, transitional album where Bolan is just scrapping the bottom of his songwriting barrel in an attempt to ride the last drops of his wave of Glam popularity. […]

Rolling Stone
And we are presented the most puzzling line of the year, “Pain is meat and meat is people.” Outside of its possible utility as a frustrated shopper’s slogan, this remark is useless. […]

Ultimate Classic Rock
When T. Rex Had Their Last Hurrah With ‘Tanx’Sadly, Marc Bolan’s died in a car crash six months after that final album was released. Though never a star in the U.S. the way he was in England, Bolan’s legend has justifiably grown over the years […]


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