Elton John releases ‘Jump Up!’ his sixteenth album featuring ‘Blue Eyes’ (1982)

Elton John’s ‘Jump Up!’ by is his sixteenth album released on April 9, 1982 by Geffen / Rocket.

Track Listing : 1.Dear John (Elton John, Gary Osborne) – 03:28 . 2.Spiteful Child (Elton John, Bernie Taupin) – 04:11 . 3.Ball And Chain (Elton John, Gary Osborne) – 03:27 . 4.Legal Boys (Elton John, Tim Rice) – 03:08 . 5.I Am Your Robot (Elton John, Bernie Taupin) – 04:42 . 6.Blue Eyes (Elton John, Gary Osborne) – 03:25 . 7.Empty Garden (Hey Hey Johnny) (Elton John, Bernie Taupin) – 05:05 . 8.Princess (Elton John, Gary Osborne) – 04:55 . 9.Where Have All The Good Times Gone (Elton John, Bernie Taupin) – 03:58 . 10.All Quiet On The Western Front (Elton John, Bernie Taupin) – 06:00

Musicians : Elton John – Lead Vocals And Backing Vocals, Pianos, Harpsichord On (7) . Pete Townshend – Acoustic Guitar On (3) . James Newton-Howard – Synthesizers, Electric Piano . Dee Murray – Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals . Jeffrey Porcaro – Drums, Possible Percussion . Richie Zito – Guitars . Steven Holly – Tambourine On (3), Synth Drum On (5) . Gary Osborne – Backing Vocals . Martin Fjord – Brass And Orchestra . Gavin Wright – Conductor

Production : Produced By Chris Thomas . James Newton-Howard . Bill Price – Engineer . Greg Fulginiti – Mastering . Mike Stavrou – Assistant Engineer

Arrangements : James Newton-Howard

Package : David Costa – Design . David Nutter – Photography . John Tobler – Sleeve Notes

Recorded 1980; 1982 At Air Studios, Montserrat, And Pathe Marconi Studios, France.

Released On April 9, 1982 By Geffen / Rocket.


As you know, my favorite ‘80s records by Elton are “The Fox” and “Too Low For Zero”. When it comes to his remaining output for the rest of the decade, I would put some songs on a lifeboat and call out to the rest “Sink or swim, my dears!” […]

Rolling Stone
Even if he never again comes close to inciting the mass hysteria of the mid-Seventies, the sheer stylistic breadth of Jump Up should secure Elton John‘s reputation as a rare master of pop form. […]

The most ambitious track was “All Quiet On The Western Front.” It combined sophisticated lyrics from Taupin and building music from John as it told a tale of the First World War. […]


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