Elton John releases ‘Jump Up!’ his sixteenth album featuring ‘Blue Eyes’ (1982)

Elton John‘s ‘Jump Up!’ by is his sixteenth album released on April 9, 1982 by Geffen / Rocket.


Elton John releases ‘Jump Up!’ his sixteenth album featuring ‘Blue Eyes’ (1982)

Track Listing : 1.Dear John (Elton John, Gary Osborne) – 03:28 . 2.Spiteful Child (Elton John, Bernie Taupin) – 04:11 . 3.Ball And Chain (Elton John, Gary Osborne) – 03:27 . 4.Legal Boys (Elton John, Tim Rice) – 03:08 . 5.I Am Your Robot (Elton John, Bernie Taupin) – 04:42 . 6.Blue Eyes (Elton John, Gary Osborne) – 03:25 . 7.Empty Garden (Hey Hey Johnny) (Elton John, Bernie Taupin) – 05:05 . 8.Princess (Elton John, Gary Osborne) – 04:55 . 9.Where Have All The Good Times Gone (Elton John, Bernie Taupin) – 03:58 . 10.All Quiet On The Western Front (Elton John, Bernie Taupin) – 06:00

Musicians : Elton John – Lead Vocals And Backing Vocals, Pianos, Harpsichord On (7) . Pete Townshend – Acoustic Guitar On (3) . James Newton-Howard – Synthesizers, Electric Piano . Dee Murray – Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals . Jeffrey Porcaro – Drums, Possible Percussion . Richie Zito – Guitars . Steven Holly – Tambourine On (3), Synth Drum On (5) . Gary Osborne – Backing Vocals . Martin Fjord – Brass And Orchestra . Gavin Wright – Conductor

Production : Produced By Chris Thomas . James Newton-Howard . Bill Price – Engineer . Greg Fulginiti – Mastering . Mike Stavrou – Assistant Engineer

Arrangements : James Newton-Howard

Package : David Costa – Design . David Nutter – Photography . John Tobler – Sleeve Notes

Recorded 1980; 1982 At Air Studios, Montserrat, And Pathe Marconi Studios, France.

Released On April 9, 1982 By Geffen / Rocket.

(Source Elton John – Jump Up! | The official website)


As you know, my favorite ‘80s records by Elton are “The Fox” and “Too Low For Zero”. When it comes to his remaining output for the rest of the decade, I would put some songs on a lifeboat and call out to the rest “Sink or swim, my dears!” […]

Rolling Stone
Even if he never again comes close to inciting the mass hysteria of the mid-Seventies, the sheer stylistic breadth of Jump Up should secure Elton John‘s reputation as a rare master of pop form. […]

The most ambitious track was “All Quiet On The Western Front.” It combined sophisticated lyrics from Taupin and building music from John as it told a tale of the First World War. […]


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