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Country Joe & The Fish tape a show on German TV (1969)

March 12, 1969 – Country Joe And The Fish – that is Country Joe McDonald (g, voc), Barry ‘The Fish’ Melton (g, voc), Mark Kapner (org, p), Peter Albin (b) and David Getz (d) are in Cologne, Germany to tape the ‘Swing In’ TV Show to be broadcasted on WDR in September

Mainstream publish ‘Big Brother & the Holding Company’ their…

Big Brother & the Holding Company’ is their debut album featuring vocalist Janis Joplin and recorded on December 12–14, 1966 and released in August 1967 by Mainstream. Track Listing : 1.Bye, Bye Baby (Powell St. John) – 02:35 . 2.Easy Rider (James Gurley) – 02:21 . 3.Intruder (Janis Joplin) – 02:25 . 4.Light Is Faster […]