Talking Heads release their second album : ‘More Songs About Buildings and Food’ co-produced with Brian Eno (1978)

Talking Heads‘ ‘More Songs About Buildings and Food’ is their second album co-produced by Brian Eno and released on July 21, 1978 by Sire.


Talking Heads release their second album : ‘More Songs About Buildings and Food’ co-produced with Brian Eno (1978)

1 . Thank you for Sending me an Angel (Live ,1978)

2 . Entermedia Theatre, New York, NY 8-10-78

3 . Girls Want To Be With The Girls (1978)

4 . Found A Job (Entermedia Theatre, 1978)

5 . Artists Only (1978-05-10)

6 . Take Me To The River

7 . Take me to the River (1980)

8 . Live Syracuse 1978

Track listing : 1.Thank You for Sending Me an Angel (David Byrne) – 02:11 . 2.With Our Love (David Byrne) – 03:30 . 3.The Good Thing (David Byrne) – 03:03 . 4.Warning Sign (David Byrne, Chris Frantz) – 03:55 . 5.The Girls Want to Be With the Girls (David Byrne) – 02:37 . 6.Found a Job (David Byrne) – 05:00 . 7.Artists Only (David Byrne, Wayne Zieve) – 03:34 . 8.I’m Not in Love (David Byrne) – 04:33 . 9.Stay Hungry (David Byrne, Chris Frantz) – 02:39 . 10.Take Me to the River (Al Green, Mabon Teenie Hodges) – 05:00 . 11.The Big Country (David Byrne) – 05:30 .

Jimmy De Sana

Musicians : Talking Heads . David Byrne – vocals, guitars, synthesized percussion . Chris Frantz – drums and percussion . Jerry Harrison – piano, organ, synthesizer, guitar, backing vocals . Tina Weymouth – bass guitar, backing vocals . Brian Eno – synthesizers, piano, guitar, percussion, background singing . Tina & the Typing Pool – backing vocals on (3) .

Production Produced by Brian Eno and Talking Heads . Benji Armbrister – assistant engineer . Rhett Davies – engineer, mixing . Joe Gastwirt – mastering . Ed Stasium – mixing on (6) .

Packaging : David Byrne / Jimmy De Sana asterisques RVM – Cover .

Recorded March–April 1978 at Compass Point Studios, Nassau, Bahamas .

Released on July 21, 1978 by Sire.

(Source Talking Heads – More Songs About Buildings and Food | Official Site)

Talking Heads


Rolling Stone
The eclecticism of More Songs about Buildings and Food — its witty distillations of disco and reggae rhythms, its reconciliation of “art” and punk rock — is masterful, The music represents a triumph over diversity, while the words spell out defeat by disparities between mind and body, head and heart. […]

The greatness of “More Songs About Buildings and Food” lies in the way it followed the almost invisible undercurrents of its time to their natural and unnatural conclusions. The self-help theme that runs through the record, the tips and strategies, sound no stranger today than any of a hundred modern remedies. […]

The main department in which this album prevails is in the overall quality of the content – there’s not much mediocrity in here, almost all of the songs are catchy and/or danceable and it’s just consistent goodness peaking on the final brilliant track ‘The Big Country’. […]


Talking Heads‘ ‘More Songs About Buildings and Food’ | RVM [Radio.Video.Music]


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