Motown Records publish Jackson 5’s ‘ABC’ featuring ‘The Love You Save’ (1970)

The Jackson 5’s ‘ABC‘ feat. ‘The Love You Save’ is their second studio album released on May 8, 1970 by Motown Records.


Motown Records publish Jackson 5’s ‘ABC’ featuring ‘The Love You Save’ (1970)

1 . The Love You Save (on “The Ed Sullivan Show”)

2 . ABC

3 . ABC (on “The Ed Sullivan Show”)

Track Listing : 1.The Love You Save (The Corporation) – 03:01 . 2.One More Chance (The Corporation) – 02:59 . 3.Abc (The Corporation) – 02:56 . 4.2-4-6-8 (Gloria Jones, Pam Sawyer) – 02:55 . 5.(Come ‘Round Here) I’M The One You Need (Brian Holland, Lamont Dozier, Edward Holland) – 02:46 . 6.Don’T Know Why I Love You (Lula Mae Hardaway, Don Hunter, Paul Riser, Stevie Wonder) – 03:47 . 7.Never Had A Dream Come True (Stevie Wonder, Sylvia Moy, Henry Cosby) – 02:58 . 8.True Love Can Be Beautiful (Leonard Caston, Jr., Jeanna Jackson, Bobby Taylor) – 03:24 . 9.La-La (Means I Love You) (Thom Bell, William Hart) – 02:52 . 10.I’Ll Bet You (George Clinton, Sidney Barnes, Patrick Lindsey) – 02:26 . 11.I Found That Girl (The Corporation) – 02:57 . 12.The Young Folks (George Gordy, Allen Story) – 02:50

Musicians : The Jackson 5 – Band . Jackie Jackson – Vocals . Tito Jackson – Vocals . Jermaine Jackson – Vocals . Marlon Jackson – Vocals . Michael Jackson – Vocals

Production : Produced By The Corporation, Hal Davis

Package : Joe Hernandez – Photography . Paul Slaughter – Photography

Recorded August 1969 – March 1970.

Released On May 8, 1970 By Motown Records .

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The Jackson 5ABC‘ feat. ‘The Love You Save’ ‘ />


That said, ABC is a fine work that shows maturity beyond their years. In many ways, this is the template for every boy band long-player since – just enough soul, just enough raunch, lashings of pathos, all bound together with an elegant sufficiency of feel-good sentiment. Michael’s high-pitched squall does outstay its welcome on a few occasions, but overall ABC is beautiful bubblegum soul. […]

The Jackson 5′ collective (and respective) talents, coupled with exemplary material and the finest behind the scenes crew Motown had to offer, were directly responsible for the enormous success that placed the LP at the crest of the R&B chart and into the Top Five of the pop survey, while the title track and the double-sided hit single “The Love You Save” b/w “I Found That Girl” all went directly to the number one position across the board. […]


Motown Records publish Jackson 5’s ‘ABC’ featuring ‘The Love You Save’ (1970)


Motown Records publish Jackson 5’s ‘ABC’ featuring ‘The Love You Save’ (1970)

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The Jackson 5’s ‘ABC‘ feat. ‘The Love You Save’


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