This week In ‘2000s Throwback’ 02/52

Mary J. Blige, Donald Fagen, Vampire Weekend, Beck, Sting, Foo Fighters, Rod Stewart, Dave Matthews Band, Christina Aguilera, David Bowie, Arcade Fire, Rage Against The Machine, R.E.M.

They are the ‘2000s Throwback’ artists selected among the 247 Posts we publish this week.

Here, they are reunited in one glorious playlist. Enjoy!


This week In  ‘2000s Throwback’ 02/52


1 . Mary J. Blige . Family Affair

Lifted from : Happy Birthday Mary . Blige. ‘Much Obliged’

2 . Donald Fagen . New Frontier

Lifted from : Happy Birthday Donald Fagen. ‘The Voice Fagen’

3 . Vampire Weekend . Horchata

Lifted from : XL Recordings publish Vampire Weekend’s second album . ‘Contra’ (2010)

4 . Beck . Devils Haircut

Lifted from : Beck ‘rocks in Rio’ (2001)

5 . Sting . For A Better World

Lifted from : Sting rocks in Rio (2001)

6 . Foo Fighters . Best of You

Lifted from : As we wish Dave Grohl . Happy Birthday, the day is perfect for . ‘Foo Fighters At Their Bests’ post

7 . Rod Stewart . These Foolish Things

Lifted from : Happy Birthday Rod Stewart. ‘In Good Face’

8 . Dave Matthews Band . Dreamgirl

Lifted from : As we wish Dave Matthews, . Happy Birthday, let us have . ‘Dave Matthews Band At Their Bests’ post

9 . Christina Aguilera . I Turn to You

Lifted from : On TV today, the American Music Awards (2001)

10 . David Bowie & Arcade Fire . Wake Up

Lifted from : We remember David Bowie. ‘Just For One Day’

11 . Rage Against The Machine . Born of A Broken Man

Lifted from : As we wish today Zach de la Rocha, . Happy Birthday, the time is perfect for . ‘Rage Against the Machine At Their Bests’ post

12 . R.E.M. . The Great Beyond

Lifted from : R.E.M. rock in Rio (2001)


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