This week In ’80s Throwback’ 32/52

U2, Joe Jackson, Paul Simon, Paul Simon, Dire Straits, Billy Joel, Luther Vandross, Ray Charles & Chaka Khan, George Benson, N.W.A., Mötley Crüe, Iron Maiden

They are the ’80s Throwback’ artists selected among the 319 Posts we publish this week.

Here, they are reunited in one glorious playlist. Enjoy!


1 . U2 – Sunday Bloody Sunday

Lifted from : Happy Birthday The Edge. Best of U2

2 . Joe Jackson – Steppin’ Out

Lifted from : Happy Birthday Joe Jackson

3 . Paul Simon – Late In The Evening

Lifted from : “One-Trick Pony” Paul Simon’s fifth solo album

4 . Paul Simon – You Can Call Me Al

Lifted from : “Graceland” Paul Simon’s seventh album

5 . Dire Straits – Walk Of Life

Lifted from : Happy Birthday Mark Knopfler. Best of Dire Straits

6 . Billy Joel – Uptown Girl

Lifted from : “An Innocent Man” Billy Joel’s ninth album

7 . Luther Vandross – Never Too Much

Lifted from : “Never Too Much” Luther Vandross’s debut album

8 . Ray Charles & Chaka Khan – I’Ll Be Good To You

Lifted from : “Back on the Block” studio album produced by Quincy Jones

9 . George Benson – Love X Love

Lifted from : “Give Me The Night” George Benson’s album

10 . N.W.A. – Express Yourself

Lifted from : “Straight Outta Compton” N.W.A’s debut album

11 . Mötley Crüe – Girls, Girls, Girls

Lifted from : Motley Crue visit Moscow (1989)

12 . Iron Maiden – Run To The Hills

Lifted from : Happy Birthday Bruce Dickinson. Best of Iron Maiden


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