This week In Male Balladeers 32/52

George Benson, Isaac Hayes, Caetano Veloso, Paul Simon, Ibrahim Ferrer, Al Jarreau, Jamie Cullum, Anthony Hamilton, Arlo Guthrie, Lyle Lovett, David Bromberg, Joe Jackson

They are the Male Balladeers selected among the 402 Posts we publish this week.

Here, they are reunited in one glorious playlist. Enjoy!


1 . George Benson – Love X Love

Lifted from : George Benson releases ‘Give Me The Night,’ an album produced by Quincy Jones (1980)

2 . Isaac Hayes – Fragile

Lifted from : We remember Isaac Hayes. ‘From Shaft To Chef’

3 . Caetano Veloso – Reconvexo

Lifted from : Feliz Aniversário Caetano Veloso. ‘Sozinho em Bossa’

4 . Paul Simon – One Trick Pony

Lifted from : Paul Simon releases ‘One-Trick Pony,’ his fifth solo album, produced with Phil Ramone (1980)

5 . Ibrahim Ferrer – Dos Gardenias

Lifted from : We remember Ibrahim Ferrer. ‘Gardenias Keeper’

6 . Al Jarreau – Across The Midnight Sky

Lifted from : Al Jarreau sings at Newport Jazz (2004)

7 . Jamie Cullum – All At Sea

Lifted from : Jamie Cullum sings and plays at Newport Jazz (2004)

8 . Anthony Hamilton – The Point Of It All

Lifted from : Anthony Hamilton sings at Newport Jazz (2008)

9 . Arlo Guthrie – Wake Up Dead

Lifted from : Arlo Guthrie & Pete Seeger keep it in the family (1993)

10 . Lyle Lovett – If I Were the Man You Wanted

Lifted from : Lyle Lovett takes ‘His Large Band’ to South Carolina (2018)

11 . David Bromberg – Mr. Bojangles

Lifted from : David Bromberg visits Michigan (2018)

12 . Joe Jackson – Breaking Us in Two

Lifted from : Happy Birthday Joe Jackson


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