This week In Singing Ladies 42/52

Amy Winehouse, Andra Day, Anita Baker, Diana Krall, Alanis Morissette, Jessie J, Esperanza Spalding, Sarah McLachlan, Carpenters, Julie London, Lady Gaga, Lisa Fischer

They are the 12 Singing Ladies selected among the 400 Posts we publish this week.

Here, they are reunited in one glorious playlist. Enjoy!


1 . Amy Winehouse – Stronger Than Me

Lifted from : Amy Winehouse releases her debut album : ‘Frank’ featuring ‘Fuck Me Pumps’ (2003)

2 . Andra Day – Gin & Juice (Let Go My Hand)

Lifted from : Andra Day goes to a NY club (2015)

3 . Anita Baker – Giving You the Best That I Got

Lifted from : Elektra publish Anita Baker’s third album : ‘Giving You the Best That I Got’ (1988)

4 . Diana Krall – Let It Rain

Lifted from : Diana Krall plays a private concert for a French radio (2012)

5 . Alanis Morissette – Ironic

Lifted from : Alanis Morissette enchants Philly (2012)

6 . Jessie J – Earth Song

Lifted from : Jessie J sings in London (2017)

7 . Esperanza Spalding – Hold On Me

Lifted from : Happy Birthday Esperanza Spalding. ‘Esperanzada’

8 . Sarah McLachlan – I Love You

Lifted from : Sarah McLachlan support a school project (1998)

9 . Carpenters – Superstar

Lifted from : As we wish today a happy birthday to Richard Carpenter, the time is perfect for a ‘Carpenters At their Bests’ post

10 . Julie London – Cry Me A River

Lifted from : We remember Julie London. ‘Fly Me To London’

11 . Lady Gaga – Million Reasons

Lifted from : Lady Gaga releases ‘Joanne,’ her fifth album featuring ‘Perfect Illusion’ and ‘Million Reasons’ (2016)

12 . Lisa Fischer – Medley (w/ Grand Baton)

Lifted from : Lisa Fischer sings in Brooklyn (2016)


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