This Week N°353 – New Music Videos (ladies)

Selena Gomez, Low Girl, Rosie H Sullivan, Miley Cyrus, Emeli Sandé, Meshell Ndegeocello, SZA, Iggy Azalea, Lisa Pac, Avery Anna, Madison Beer, Tinashe

They are the performers of the twelve brand new worldwide music videos that caught, these past days, our interest and liking. Beware (possibly) NSFW

Here, they are reunited in one glorious playlist. Enjoy!


This Week N°353 – New Music Videos  (ladies)


1 . Selena Gomez – Single Soon

‘Maintenance, but I’m worth a try’
Selena Gomez’s “Single Soon,” her first solo release in three years, paints a joyful perspective on breakups. Its accompanying video, directed by Philip Andelman, mirrors a memorable “Sex and the City” breakup by ending a relationship using a Post-It note.

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2 . Low Girl – Pockets

‘Spilling over the sides’
Pockets by Low Girl, fronted by multi-instrumentalist Sarah Cosgrove, delves into confronting resurfacing feelings, pondering the “what-ifs,” and viewing potential futures with rose-colored glasses. It blends pop and lo-fi, with tempo shifts. The music video is directed by Mark Sloper, Toby Morgan & Sarah Cosgrove

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3 . Rosie H Sullivan – Chapters

In “Chapters,” Rosie H Sullivan delivers a melancholic yet uplifting folk-pop song set against an acoustic backdrop. Rosie reflects: “An evening full of words / A morning full of silence” and delivers a heartwarming reminder for listeners to cherish their journey and aspirations. The music video is filmed and edited by Marc Sharp.

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4 . Miley Cyrus – Used To Be Young

‘Pour it out, it’s not worth cryin’ ’bout’
In “Used to Be Young,” Miley Cyrus reminisces about her youthful party days and acknowledges her growth. The song feels deeply nostalgic, almost like a eulogy to her younger self. The video directed by Jacob Bixenman and Brendan Walter, adds depth, using a technology that allowed Cyrus to interact with a “mini-me” representation of her mother, and as a result show rarely-seen emotions.

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5 . Emeli Sandé – There For You

Co-authored with Daniel Caruana and produced by Daniel McKenzie, Emeli’s track “There For You” is a heartfelt testament to enduring love for past relationships, even amidst anger or misunderstandings. The video is directed by Tom Stoddart.

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6 . Meshell Ndegeocello – Towers (w/ Joel Ross)


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7 . SZA – Snooze

‘Long as you juggin’ out here for me, I got it’
SZA’s “Snooze” gets an “intimate” music video where she shares scenes with stars like a light-up robot, Justin Bieber, Woody McClain of “Power Book II”, Young Mazino from “Beef”, and super-producer Benny Blanco who eats fries and ketchup off her naked body. Directed by Bradley J. Calder, the video delves into the nuances of romance, ending with SZA running very lightly dressed through the fields.

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8 . Iggy Azalea – Money Come

‘Okay, so you wanna play rough, I’m reloaded’
Directed by Christian Breslauer, the music video for “Money Come,” sees Iggy Azalea leading a female crew in a hostile corporate takeover, transforming male executives into women before donning a diamond-heavy bodysuit or a pinstriped suit. The track, produced by Tricky Stewart, JerkPoP, and Nana Afriyie, hints at Iggy’s focus on defying the patriarchy and dismissing haters.

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9 . Lisa Pac – All In

The video for Austrian singer Lisa Pac’s “All In” is directed by René Rodlauer.

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10 . Avery Anna – Worst In Me

In “Worst In Me” co-written with Ava Suppelsa and Danielle Blakey, Nashville singer Avery Anna’s brutally candid lyrics address the challenges of toxic relationships and the emotional strain of supporting someone who only drags you down.

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11 . Madison Beer – Spinnin

Madison Beer’s new release, “Spinnin’,” co-produced with Leroy Clampitt and co-written alongside Clampitt, Tim Sommers, and Jeremy Dussolliet, encapsulates a period when time felt static and every day seemed repetitive. The video, co-directed by Madison & Aerin Moreno, depicts a world paused in time, echoing the track’s existential theme.

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12 . Tinashe – Needs

‘I’m just human, we all got needs’
In Tinashe’s music video, directed by Sammy Rawal, for her new single “Needs”, she playfully roams an empty grocery store with friends, before posing with cold cuts in the deli fridge. The song’s lyrics reflect a carefree attitude towards fleeting relationships.

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NB . You may wonder what are these “Quotes” attached to certain photos above. Well! For a specific song, we select a still image from the video on one side and choose a lyric from the song on the other side. We ensure that the lyric has a connection to the image, although sometimes the connection may be far-fetched or based on a double entendre, creating a humorous or meme-like combination when the two are merged together. Et voilà!

Ladies Quotes • Maintenance, but I’m worth a try (Selena Gomez) • Spilling over the sides (Low Girl) • Pour it out, it’s not worth cryin’ ’bout (Miley Cyrus) • Long as you juggin’ out here for me, I got it (SZA) • Okay, so you wanna play rough, I’m reloaded (Iggy Azalea) • I’m just human, we all got needs (Tinashe)

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