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Tuba Buzz

TubaNews.com : 46 years ago the French players were still desperately trying to keep their tradition of using small bore tenor tubas in C; the French tuba. I have spoken to conductors who performed in France during that period and their frustration was intense.

International Tuba Day : Unfortunately, many non-tuba players think of the tuba as just being one of those big, loud instruments that go “oompah” in the back of parades – having no real importance and being easy to play – they’re just there to look nice.

Wagner Tuba : It was in the mid 19th century that instrument maker Adolphe Sax produced the instrument, demonstrating it to German composer Richard Wagner when they met (circa 1853). Wagner was struck by the horn’s rich sound and soon began to incorporate it into his orchestral composition.

Tuba-Euph.com : Relax your jaw, face and all of the muscles in and around your lip area. When you are relaxed, begin to firm the corners of the mouth and add a small amount of tension to the lips. The corners of your mouth should be turned down slightly.

Los Dareyes de la Sierra on MySpace : Los tres integrantes originarios de Navojoa, Sonora, José Darey Castro (vocalista y acordeonista), Miguel Enrique Razcón y Juan Vázquez, afirmaron que la controversia a raíz de su cambio de nombre,

Michel Godard : Michel Godard’s tuba performance is fantastic in every sense: his technical skill is astounding, his tone clear and warm, his ability to produce overtones (“multiphonics”) and his musicality leaves the listener surprised at how light a seemingly cumbersome and heavy-weight tuba can sound.

All About Jazz : Ray Draper (1940-82) was only 17 when he recorded this quintet date in 1957, his third of three for Prestige, and, as much as possible, he makes the clunky instrument swing.

Boom Pam : The Tel Aviv based band Boom Pam was formed in 2003 and play a mixture of Mediterranean, rock and surf music with 2 electric guitars, a tuba and drums. They have been playing in clubs, bars, concert halls, music festivals, weddings and other occasions. The live act was an immediate success in all forms of the scale between a tied concert hall and wild alcohol soaked parties.

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