Yes – Heaven & Earth

Released on July 16, 2014, “Heaven & Earth” is the twenty-first studio album from the English progressive rock band Yes with their new singer Jon Davison.

Track Listing : 1.Believe Again (Jon Davison, Steve Howe) – 08:02 . 2.The Game (Chris Squire, Jon Davison, Gerard Johnson) – 06:51 . 3.Step Beyond (Steve Howe, Jon Davison) – 05:34 . 4.To Ascend (Jon Davison, Alan White) – 04:43 . 5.In A World Of Our Own (Jon Davison, Chris Squire) – 05:20 . 6.Light Of The Ages (Jon Davison) – 07:41 . 7.It Was All We Knew (Steve Howe) – 04:13 . 8.Subway Walls (Jon Davison, Geoff Downes) – 09:03

Musicians : Yes – Band . Jon Davison – Vocals, Acoustic Guitar On (1 – 6) . Steve Howe – Electric, Acoustic And Steel Guitars, Backing Vocals . Chris Squire – Bass, Backing Vocals . Geoff Downes – Keyboards, Computer Programming . Alan White – Drums, Percussion

Production : Produced By Roy Thomas Baker . Billy Sherwood – Mixing, Engineer . Maor Appelbaum – Mastering . Dave Dysart – Engineer . Eric Corson – Engineer . Daniel Meron – Assistant Engineer

Package : Roger Dean – Cover Art, Yes Logo

Recorded 6 January–14 March 2014 At Neptune Studios (Los Angeles, California).

Released On July 16, 2014 By Frontiers.

(Source Heaven & Earth | Yes World)


Throwing in generic moog solos is not progressive. No Steve Howe, tossing in legato triplets over and over, and over again is not innovative in the slightest bit. None of this tripe, all fifty-two minutes of it, is progressive at all.

JrnlofEddieDeezenStudies @ RateYourMusic
At first, even with the above, I didn’t fall in love with this album–which is unusual for me for a Yes, album, but I’ve given it quite a few spins over the couple weeks I’ve had it and it’s grown on me a lot.

The Guardian
Producer Roy Thomas Baker – best known for his work with Queen – gives the album a rich, 70s sound, and the material is solid enough, flavoured with Steve Howe‘s distinctive, rippling guitar and Geoff Downes’ retro keyboard.




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