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Hossam Ramzy : Mohammed Abdul Wahab (†1990) had a very special sound of his own. He tried to create a new amalgamation between East and West so as to be educational for the Arabian ear as well as keeping the quarter tone and Arabic scale that turned them on artistically

Egypt Today : Helmi’s relationship with composer Mohammed Abdel Wahab began with Ali Amin’s idea to celebrate Mother’s Day. She was assigned to write a story for El Geel covering Abdel Wahab’s timeless classic Sitt El Habayeb Ya Habiba (a song dedicated to mothers).

belly dance museum : He started to write traditional melodies but later on Western influences affected his music. In 1926 Abdel Wahab had the chance to complete a stage musical based on “Antony and Cleopatra” left unfinished by the late Saïd Darwish. Sayyed Darwish was one of the most prominent musicians in the 20th century, despite his short lifetime.

The Levant : Abdel Wahab enjoyed introducing new female singers to the public through his movies; many became stars, including the great Leila Mourad, who would go on to produce her own films. Musically, his films continued controversial, as he began to feature large orchestras with admixtures of Western instruments.

Mohammed Abdel Wahab on Wikipedia : In fact, he introduced the Western rhythms to Arab songs in a way appropriate to the known forms of Arab songs. For example, he introduced in 1941 in his song Al Gondol the Waltz rhythm, and in 1957, he introduced the rock and roll rhythm in Abdel Halim Hafez’s song Ya Albi Ya Khali.

Amazon : Born in 1955 in Tarshiha, Galilee, music surrounded Simon Shaheen from the start, as his father Hikmet Shaheen taught and composed Arabic music as well as played the oud. At the age of five, Shaheen began learning the oud, and a year later picked up the violin.

Mohammed Abdel Wahab Museum : His museum enables the visitor to catch a glimpse of the life of one of Egypt’s most beloved actors. It is divided into several halls one of them being the Memorabilia Hall which in turn comprises two suites. The first one sheds light on Mohamed Abdel Wahab’s childhood, his upbringing, his first steps in the world of art and music, his connection to the Arab Music Institute, the Egyptian cinema, the relationship with writers and artists and the prizes and honours he received.

Arabic Song Lyrics and Translation : This song requires a piece of cultural knowledge. When kissing someone goodbye, if it is going to be a long separation or even permanent farewell you might kiss them on their eye. Thus, Mohamed Abdel Wahhab says “don’t kiss me on the eye” because he does not want it to be a final farewell.