Joss Stone releases her fifth album : ‘LP1,’ co-written and co-produced with Dave Stewart (2011)

Joss Stone’s ‘LP1’ is her fifth studio album co-written and co-produced with Dave Stewart and released on July 21, 2011 by Stone’d, Surfdog,

Track listing : 1.Newborn (Joss Stone, David A. Stewart, Wendy Joseph) – 03:43 . 2.Karma (Joss Stone, David A. Stewart, Martina McBride, Brad Warren, Brett Warren) – 03:54 . 3.Don’t Start Lying to Me Now (Joss Stone, Chris Stapleton, Melissa Peirce) – 04:08 . 4.Last One to Know (Joss Stone, David A. Stewart) – 04:52 . 5.Drive All Night (Joss Stone, Eg White) – 05:07 . 6.Cry Myself to Sleep (Joss Stone, David A. Stewart) – 03:51 . 7.Somehow (Joss Stone, David A. Stewart) – 03:04 . 8.Landlord (Joss Stone, David A. Stewart) – 03:57 . 9.Boat Yard (Joss Stone) – 05:02 . 10.Take Good Care (Joss Stone, Paul Conroy) – 02:29 .

Musicians : Joss Stone – Vocals . Dave Stewart – Guitar . Michael Rhodes – Bass . Chad Cromwell – Drums, Percussion . Tom Bukovac – Guitar . Luke Potter – Guitar . Mike Rojas – Keyboards . Dan Dugmore – Pedal Steel Guitar . Wendy Moten – Vocals (Background) . Drea Rhenee – Vocals (Background) .

Production Produced by Joss Stone, David A. Stewart . John McBride – Engineer . Steve Greenwell – Engineer, Mixing . Tom Coyne – Mastering .

Packaging : Kevin Tetreault – Design, Layout . Dave Stewart – Cover Photo . Kristin Burns – Photography .

Recorded in Nashville, Tennessee .

Released on 21 July 2011 by Stone’d, Surfdog.

Joss Stone


The Guardian
Stewart has a guiding hand and, to his credit, the Nashville musicians bring subtle instrumentation, twinkly pianos and peach-sweet backing vocals, fostering an un-bombastic feel. […]

Something approaching a return to form from the British soul singer. Stone packs all the power you expect, but her control misfires enough for some of these tracks to never quite click as they might. […]

In a world where machined dance fodder, rap-deckled pop and lumbering rawk dominates, a genuine article of soul music—especially one where the thick bass, tumbling Wurlitzer and bright guitars set the tone—is a joyous noise, indeed. […]


Joss Stone’s ‘LP1’


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