Run the Jewels’s ‘RTJ3’

Run the Jewels’ ‘RTJ3’ is their third studio album featuring rap duo El-P and Killer Mike plus Danny Brown, Joi Gilliam, Trina, Boots, Tunde Adebimpe and Kamasi Washington as guests and released on December 24, 2016 by RED.

Track Listing : 1.Down (Jaime Meline, Michael Render) – 03:29 . 2.Talk To Me(Jaime Meline, Michael Render) – 02:31 . 3.Legend Has It(Jaime Meline, Michael Render) – 03:25 . 4.Call Ticketron(Jaime Meline, Michael Render) – 03:18 . 5.Hey Kids (Bumaye) (Jaime Meline, Michael Render, Daniel Sewell) – 03:11 . 6.Stay Gold(Jaime Meline, Michael Render) – 03:27 . 7.Don’T Get Captured(Jaime Meline, Michael Render) – 03:12 . 8.Thieves! (Screamed The Ghost) (Jaime Meline, Michael Render, Jordan Asher) – 04:02 . 9.2100 (Jaime Meline, Michael Render, Jordan Asher) – 04:01 . 10.Panther Like A Panther (Miracle Mix) (Jaime Meline, Michael Render) – 03:41 . 11.Everybody Stay Calm(Jaime Meline, Michael Render) – 02:58 . 12.Oh Mama(Jaime Meline, Michael Render) – 03:36 . 13.Thursday In The Danger Room (Jaime Meline, Michael Render) – 04:22 . 14.A Report To The Shareholders / Kill Your Masters (Jaime Meline, Michael Render, Zack De La Rocha) – 06:14

Musicians : Run The Jewels – Group . Killer Mike – Rap . El-P – Rap . Joi Gilliam – Vocals On (1) . Danny Brown – Rap On (5) . Tunde Adebimpe – Vocals On (8) . Boots – Rap On (10) . Trina – Rap On (11) . Kamasi Washington – Saxophone On (13) . Zack De La Rocha – Rap On (14)

Production : Produced By El-P, Little Shalimar, Wilder Zoby, Boots .

Recorded January 2015 – September 2016.

Released On December 24, 2016 By Mass Appeal Red.

Run the Jewels


RTJ3 is essentially the Run the Jewels manifesto, an outpouring of rage and defiance that never loses sight of the objectives: rallying the troops, holding all accountable, and toppling oppression. […]

Killer Mike and El-P stick to the fiery formula they know best So what Run the Jewels epitomize is the desire for togetherness, bros against the bullshit world that’s become about 45 times worse since their last record, which was plenty mad as it was, or even since Killer Mike was an official spokesperson for Bernie Sanders, which feels like eons ago. […]

The Nartional
Run the Jewels 3 is a real jewel in the crown of hip-hop It is a privilege to hear the two go to work, and each listen of Run the Jewels 3 is rewarded with more discoveries of their hyper-literate snark, wit and righteous and thoughtful indignation. […]


Run the Jewels’ ‘RTJ3’