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Joss Stone releases her fourth album : ‘Colour Me Free!’ featuring…

Joss Stone’s ‘Colour Me Free!’ is her fourth studio album released on October 20, 2009 by Virgin. Track Listing : 1.Free Me (Joss Stone, Jonathan Shorten, Conner Reeves, Kenya Baker) – 03:53 . 2.Could Have Been You (Joss Stone, Jonathan Shorten, Conner Reeves) – 04:52 . 3.Parallel Lines (Joss Stone, Jonathan Shorten, Conner Reeves) – […]

Joss Stone releases her second album : ‘Mind Body & Soul’…

Joss Stone’s ‘Mind Body & Soul’ is her second studio album released on September 15, 2004 by Relentless. Track Listing : 1.Right To Be Wrong (Joss Stone, Desmond Child, Betty Wright) – 04:40 . 2.Jet Lag (Joss Stone, Jonathan Shorten, Conner Reeves) – 04:00 . 3.You Had Me (Joss Stone, Francis White, Wendy Stoker, Betty […]

Joss Stone releases her seventh album : ‘Water for Your Soul’ (2015)

Joss Stone’s ‘Water for Your Soul’ is her seventh studio album released on July 31, 2015 by Stone’D. Track Listing : 1.Love Me (Joss Stone) – 05:06 . 2.This Ain’T Love (Joss Stone) – 04:28 . 3.Stuck On You (Joss Stone) – 04:18 . 4.Star (Joss Stone) – 05:07 . 5.Let Me Breathe (Joss Stone) […]

‘Introducing Joss Stone’ is her third album produced By Raphael…

‘Introducing Joss Stone‘ is her third studio album produced By Raphael Saadiq & Isaiah Abolin and released on March 9, 2007 by Relentless. Track Listing : 1.Change (Glenn Standridge, Tarsha Proctor-Standridge) – 00:35 . 2.Girl They Won’T Believe It (Joss Stone, Raphael Saadiq) – 03:15 . 3.Headturner (Joss Stone, Billy Mann, Otis Redding) – 03:16 […]

‘Mama Earth’ by Project Mama Earth (feat. Joss Stone)

‘Mama Earth’ by Project Mama Earth (feat. Joss Stone) is an album recorded at Stone’s house with guitarist Nitin Sawhney, drummer Jonathan Joseph, bassist Étienne M’Bappé & keyboardist Jonathan Shorten and released on November 10, 2017 by Mascot/Provogue.