Turkish Strings

Featuring Hasret Gültekin . Çeke Çeke . Ali Ekber Çiçek . Arif Sag . Ecel Elinden . Erkan Ogur . Cihat Askin . Selânik Türküsü . Klasik Kemence . Istanbul Yayli Grubu . Roman Havasi . Yurdal Tokcan . Saba taksim . Leylim Ley . 3 saz baglama . Bora Uymaz . Hicaz Taksim . Müzigin Renkleri . Kanun . Musa Eroglu . Açma Yaram Derindedir . Ellerin Türküsü . Saz

All About Turkey : The Saz is the grandfather of the Greek Bouzouki. It’s originated in Central Asia where Turks lived before their westward migration. Like the guitar in Spain and the bouzouki in Greece, the Saz is the most popular stringed instrument in Turkey.

Newton Music Hall : The most widley used plucked string instrument is the Tanbur. Tanbur is one of the most important musical instruments for Kurdish sufi.

Karalahana : The Pontic lyra is often called by its Turkish name Kementsie. The latter term which is Persian in origin meant bow and is used in Turkish to indicate a small bowed instrument, the –tsie (–çe) being the diminutive suffix.

Turkish Cultural Foundation : The kanun has undergone various changes since its invention. The strings used to be made of gut, but since the early 20th century nylon strings, which give a more powerful sound and are easily available in various gauges, have superseded these.

Wikipedia : The Turkish is derived from modifying the Arabic oud, whose development has been attributed to Manolis Venios, a well known Greek luthier who lived Constantinople (Istanbul) in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.[

Mike Oud Forums : Take şelpe style for instance. This was developed into a virtuosic style by the late Hasret Gültekin and Arif Şağ (and later Erdal Erzincan and Erol Parlak) in the early 1990s derived from traditional playing styles as can be heard in recording of, for example, Nesimi Çimen (who like the aforementioned Hasret was murdered in Sivas).

Derya Turkan on MySpace : Derya Türkan is a young master of classical Turkish kemenche (3-stringed fiddle). He plays improvisational as well as the Ottoman classical music repertoire. Türkan was born in Istanbul, Turkey in 1973.

Kalan : Ertugrul Erkisi is the oldest of the four brothers (Ertugrul, Gazi, Suleyman, Fatih), who all are talented in Turkish music. They all are graduates of different conservatoires in Turkey (Ege, ITU, Selcuk) and are conducting their carreers by either composing, performing, producing or teaching Turkish classical and folk music.

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