2Pac’s ‘Me Against the World’ is his third album on Interscope (1995)

2Pac‘s ‘Me Against the World’ is his third studio album recorded in 1994 and released on March 14, 1995 by Interscope.


2Pac’s ‘Me Against the World’ is his third album on Interscope (1995)

1 . Heavy In The Game (w/ Richie Rich, fan made)

2 . Dear Mama

Track Listing : 1.Intro (2Pac) – 00:00 . 2.If I Die 2Nite (2Pac, Easy Mo Bee) – 04:02 . [Samples : “Tonight Is The Night” By Betty Wright; “Tonight” By Kleeer; “Deep Cover” By Dr. Dre And Snoop Dogg] . 3.Me Against The World (2Pac, Burt Bacharach, Hal David, Minnie Riperton, Richard Rudolph, Leon Ware) – 04:38 . [Samples : “Walk On By” By Isaac Hayes; “Inside My Love” By Minnie Riperton] . 4.So Many Tears (2Pac, E. Baker, Eric Baker, Greg Jacobs, Stevie Wonder) – 03:58 . [Samples : “That Girl” By Stevie Wonder; “The Dude” By Quincy Jones] . 5.Temptations (2Pac, George Clinton, Shirley Murdock, Roger, Garry Shider, David Spradley, Larry Troutman) – 05:00 . [Samples : “Sing A Simple Song” By Sly & The Family Stone; “Computer Love” By Zapp; “Watch Yo Nuggets” By Redman Featuring Erick Sermon] . 6.Young Niggaz (2Pac, Larry Blackmon, Charlie Singleton, Le-Morrious “Funky Drummer” Tyler, Moe Z) – 04:53 . [Samples : “She’S Strange” By Cameo] . 7.Heavy In The Game (2Pac, Sam Bostic) – 04:22 . [Samples : “Just Be Good To Me” By The S.O.S] Band] . 8.Lord Knows (2Pac, Tupac Shakur) – 04:30 . [Samples : “All I Ask” By The Blackbyrds] . 9.Dear Mama (2Pac, Tony “D” Pizarro, Joe Sample) – 04:39 . [Samples : “In All My Wildest Dreams” By Joe Sample; “Sadie” By The Spinners] . 10.It Ain’T Easy (2Pac, Tony “D” Pizarro) – 04:54 . 11.Can U Get Away (2Pac, Mike Mosley) – 05:46 . [Samples : “Happy Feelin’S” By Maze Featuring Frankie Beverly] . 12.Old School (2Pac, Tupac Shakur) – 04:39 . [Samples : “We Share” By The Soul Searchers; “Dedication” By Brand Nubian; “Brooklyn’S In The House” By Cutmaster D]C.; “Adventures Of Super Rhyme (Rap)” By Jimmy Spicer; “My Adidas” By Run-Dmc; “Rock The Bells” By Ll Cool J; “Eric B. Is President” By Eric B. & Rakim] . 13.Fuck The World (2Pac, Greg Jacobs, Gregory Jacobs) – 04:13 . 14.Death Around The Corner (2Pac, Johnny J) – 04:07 . [Samples : “Winter Sadness” By Kool & The Gang; “When We Were Kids” From The Movie American Me; “Piece Of The Action” From The Movie King Of New York; “I Want Him Dead” From The Movie The Untouchables] . 15.Outlaw (2Pac, Moe Z) – 04:33

Musicians : 2Pac – Vocals . Digital Underground – Guest Artist . Dramacydal – Guest On (3 – 15) . Puff Johnson – Guest, Vocals (Background) . Lady Levi – Guest Artist . Richie Rich – Guest On (7) . Jill Rose – Vocals . Thug Life – Guest . Ronnie Vann – Guitar . Natasha Walker – Guest, Vocals (Background) . Minnie Riperton – Vocals (Background) . Kim Armstrong – Vocals (Background) . Eboni Foster – Vocals (Background) . Reggie Green – Vocals (Background)

Production : Produced By Easy Mo Bee, Johnny “J”, Soulshock & Karlin, Tony Pizarro, D-Flizno Production Squad, Jay-B, Stretch, Df Master Tee & Moses, Mike Mosley, Ezi Cut, Shock G, Brian G, Sam Bostic, Moe Z.M.D., Jill Rose . Paul Arnold – Engineer, Mixing . Kevin Kd Davis – Engineer, Mixing . Jeff Griffin – Mixing . Jay Lean – Engineer, Mixing . Eric Lynch – Engineer . Bob Morris – Engineer . Tim Nitz – Engineer . Tony D Pizarro – Engineer, Mixing

Package : Eric Altenburger – Art Direction

Recorded In 1994.

Released On March 14, 1995 By Amaru / Interscope / Jive.

(Source 2Pac – Me Against the World | Official Site)

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Rolling Stone
Me Against the World — by and large a work of pain, anger and burning desperation — is the first time 2Pac has taken the conflicting forces tugging at his psyche head-on. […]

While later albums such as Death Row’s “All Eyez On Me” exploited the controversy surrounding his life for profit, this Interscope offering is Shakur at his very best – a pure unfiltered look at his life through the carefully balanced dichotomoy of sensitivity vs. machismo. […]

It is kind of ironic that many of those who most love Tupac and his music would become so attached to this aural snapshot of his life, when he was at his lowest and the whole world seemed allied against him. […]


2Pac’s ‘Me Against the World’ is his third album on Interscope (1995)


2Pac‘s ‘Me Against the World’ on RVM [Radio.Video.Music]


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