Madonna releases her ninth album : ‘American Life’ co-produced with Mirwais (2003)

Madonna‘s ‘American Life’ is her ninth studio album co-produced with Mirwais Ahmadzaï and released on April 21, 2003 by Maverick.


Madonna releases her ninth album : ‘American Life’ co-produced with Mirwais (2003)

Track Listing : 1.American Life (Madonna, Mirwais Ahmadzaï) – 04:58 . 2.Hollywood (Madonna, Mirwais Ahmadzaï) – 04:24 . 3.I’M So Stupid (Madonna, Mirwais Ahmadzaï) – 04:09 . 4.Love Profusion (Madonna, Mirwais Ahmadzaï) – 03:38 . 5.Nobody Knows Me (Madonna, Mirwais Ahmadzaï) – 04:39 . 6.Nothing Fails (Madonna, Guy Sigsworth, Jem Griffiths) – 04:49 . 7.Intervention (Madonna, Mirwais Ahmadzaï) – 04:54 . 8.X-Static Process (Madonna, Stuart Price) – 03:50 . 9.Mother And Father (Madonna, Mirwais Ahmadzaï) – 04:33 . 10.Die Another Day (Madonna, Mirwais Ahmadzaï) – 04:38 . 11.Easy Ride (Madonna, Monte Pittman) – 05:05

Craig Mcdean

Jonas Åkerlund

Musicians : Madonna – Vocals . Mirwais Ahmadzaï – Acoustic Guitar, Keyboards, Programming, Background Vocals . Stuart Price – Piano, Synthesizers, Keyboards, Sequencing, Programming . Michel Colombier – Conductor . The London Community Gospel Choir – Backing Vocals . Monte Pittman – Guitar

Luc Besson

Jean-Baptiste Mondino

Production : Produced By Madonna, Mirwais Ahmadzaï, Mark “Spike” Stent . Michel Colombier . George Foster – Engineer . Rob Haggett – Assistant Engineer . Tom Hannen – Assistant Engineer . Jeff Kanan – Assistant Engineer . Tim Lambert – Assistant Engineer . Gabe Sganga – Assistant Engineer . David Treahearn – Assistant Engineer . Tim Young – Mastering

Arrangements : Michel Colombier

Package : Craig Mcdean asterisques RVM – Photography

Video Director(s) : Jonas Åkerlund asterisques RVM for “American Life” . Jean-Baptiste Mondino asterisques RVM for “Hollywood” . Luc Besson asterisques RVM for “Love Profusion”

Recorded 2001–03 At Westlake Recording Studios (West Hollywood, California); Olympic Recording Studios (London, England).

Released On April 21, 2003 By Maverick.

(Source Madonna‘s official web site and fan club)


Slant Magazine
And this time around, politics and war itself played a pivotal role in the construction, marketing, and ultimate perception and consumption (or lack thereof) of American Life—despite there being very little in the way of political commentary throughout the album. […]

Drowned In Sound
Though there’s little here that she hasn’t tackled many times before – [losing her] religion, loss, self-determination, the vagaries of fame etc – but it seems that though she made it through the wilderness (somehow she made it through) to ‘Ray Of Light‘s maturity and self-acceptance, it seems that things have soured somewhat. […]

Rolling Stone
Madonna Ciccone has done it again: The forty-four-year-old guitar player from London via Detroit has taken the pulse of the nation, if not the whole Women’s Wear Daily-reading world. American Life, her tenth album, isn’t much as a work of music … but it is a certain marker in popular culture. […]


Madonna releases her ninth album : ‘American Life’ co-produced with Mirwais (2003)


Madonna releases her ninth album : ‘American Life’ co-produced with Mirwais (2003)

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