The Bad Plus – The Rite of Spring

Released on March 25, 2014, “The Rite of Spring” is the interpretation of the Igor Stravinsky’s iconic opus by American jazz trio The Bad Plus.

Track Listing : 1.Adoration Of The Earth: Introduction (Igor Stravinsky) – 05:06 . 2.Adoration Of The Earth: The Augurs Of Spring (Igor Stravinsky) – 03:29 . 3.Adoration Of The Earth: Ritual Of Abduction (Igor Stravinsky) – 01:23 . 4.Adoration Of The Earth: Spring Rounds (Igor Stravinsky) – 04:52 . 5.Adoration Of The Earth: Games Of The Two Rival Tribes/Procession Of The Sage (Igor Stravinsky) – 03:03 . 6.Adoration Of The Earth: The Sage/Dance Of The Earth (Igor Stravinsky) – 01:48 . 7.The Sacrifice: Introduction (Igor Stravinsky) – 03:59 . 8.The Sacrifice: Mystic Circle Of The Young Girls (Igor Stravinsky) – 03:01 . 9.The Sacrifice: Glorification Of The Chosen One (Igor Stravinsky) – 01:43 . 10.The Sacrifice: Evocation Of The Ancestors/Ritual Action Of The Ancestors (Igor Stravinsky) – 05:32 . 11.The Sacrifice: Sacrificial Dance (Igor Stravinsky) – 05:21

Musicians : The Bad Plus – Band . Reid Anderson – Bass, Electronics . Ethan Iverson – Piano . David King – Drums

Production : Produced By The Bad Plus . Huntley Miller – Mastering . Pete Rende – Engineer, Mixing

Package : David King – Artwork . Jay Fram – Photography . Greg Meyers – Design

Recorded June, 2013.

Released On March 25, 2014 By Masterworks.

(Source The Bad Plus | official website)



The Daily Cardinal
This album is a stark contrast to most music being released today. It brings back a classical, highly influential musical composition and reinstates its place in history, with a jazz twist. Perfect for studying, running errands, or just simply enjoying the exciting story it tells…

But the Rite should elicit gasps, not cock eyebrows—the latter of which is the most extreme reaction the Bad Plus manage to provoke. It’s ironic that after tackling (and matching) Black Sabbath and Nirvana, it would be Stravinsky that would finally make the Bad Plus sound positively tame.

The missteps give the impression that they are content with just playing (most of) the notes, and happy that they succeeded in merely doing a rendition of The Rite of Spring.




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