20Th Century publish Barry White’s debut album : ‘I’ve Got So Much to Give’ (1973)

Barry White‘s ‘I’ve Got So Much to Give’ is his self-produced debut album released on March 27, 1973 by 20Th Century.


20Th Century publish Barry White’s debut album :  ‘I’ve Got So Much to Give’ (1973)

Track Listing : 1.Standing In The Shadows Of Love (Brian Holland, Lamont Dozier, Eddie Holland) – 08:00 . 2.Bring Back My Yesterday (Barry White, Robert Relf) – 06:40 . 3.I’Ve Found Someone (Barry White) – 05:55 . 4.I’Ve Got So Much To Give (Barry White) – 08:11 . 5.I’M Gonna Love You Just A Little More Baby (Barry White) – 07:20

Musicians : Barry White – Vocals

Production : Produced By Barry White . Frank Kejmar – Engineer . Barry White – Engineer

Package : Ken Veeder – Photography

Recorded 1972 – 1973.

Released On March 27, 1973 By 20Th Century.

(Source Barry White – I’ve Got So Much to Give | Barry White @ Wikipedia)


Compared to what White did later, I’ve Got so Much to Give does display a fair amount of extraneous frills — this is all about sex, but there are shifting textures and moods, it’s more serious about its seduction because White’s reputation as a loverman is not secure … […]

atomicWedgie @ RateYourMusic
Barry White is one horny motherfucker. That’s alright, of course. We all like to work what we’ve got. Aside from the dance floor, however, I don’t know where this music fits. I can’t imagine actually trying to woo a woman with this music playing. How would I keep a straight face? […]

Don Ignacio’s Music Reviews
This album contains five 6+ minute compositions most of which only had enough ideas for a three minutes each. His idea to mumble bedroom talk might have garnered his trademark, which is one thing, but they seem too much like methods to overextend these tracks due to a severe lack of good musical ideas! […]


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