Barry White releases his fourth album ‘Just Another Way to Say I Love You’ recorded with an orchestra (1975)

Barry White’s ‘Just Another Way to Say I Love You’ is his fourth album recorded with an orchestra conducted by Gene Page and released on March 25, 1975 by 20Th Century.

Track Listing : 1.Heavenly, That’S What You Are To Me (Barry White) – 05:03 . 2.I’Ll Do For You Anything You Want Me To (Barry White) – 06:13 . 3.All Because Of You” (Barry White, Frank Wilson, Michael Nunes) . 4.Love Serenade (Part I) (Barry White) – 04:49 . 5.What Am I Gonna Do With You (Barry White) – 03:30 . 6.Let Me Live My Life Lovin’ You Babe (Barry White) – 10:29 . 7.Love Serenade (Part Ii) (Barry White) – 03:13

Musicians : Barry White – Vocals . Gene Page – Conductor

Production : Produced By Barry White . Frank Kejmar – Engineer, Mastering

Recorded 1974.

Released On March 25, 1975 By 20Th Century.


Don Ignacio’s Music Reviews
Um… but Barry is still mumbling… Eh! I shouldn’t complain much about that; after all that does go to contribute to a specific sound and attitude that he was trying to convey. But … crap, man! He just goes too far on these mumblings … […]

Rolling Stone
“What Am I Gonna Do with You” is my favorite White record to date. It has all the elements of his style — a simple melodic groove, pounding rhythm section, elaborate arrangement, including French horns, growling singing (done in imaginative close harmony) and the usual soft-core sex lyrics. […]

By the time this was released, the sound was slightly on the wane. With his demanding schedule of cranking out an album or more a year, as well as work from Love Unlimited and Love Unlimited Orchestra This effort shows the strain. […]


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