Bill Evans records ‘Explorations’ with Scott LaFaro and Paul Motian for Riverside (1961)

Bill Evans‘ ‘Explorations’ is an album recorded on February 2, 1961 with Scott LaFaro and Paul Motian and released in March 1961 by Riverside.

Track Listing : 1.Israel (John Carisi) – 06:12 . 2.Haunted Heart (Arthur Schwartz) – 03:28 . 3.Beautiful Love (Wayne King, Egbert Van Alstyne, Victor Young) – 05:07 . 4.Elsa (Earl Zindars) – 05:10 . 5.Nardis (Miles Davis) – 05:49 . 6.How Deep Is The Ocean? (Irving Berlin) – 03:31 . 7.I Wish I Knew (Harry Warren) – 04:39 . 8.Sweet And Lovely (Gus Arnheim, Jules Lemare, Harry Tobias) – 05:52

Musicians : Bill Evans – Piano . Scott Lafaro – Bass . Paul Motian – Drums

Production : Produced By Orrin Keepnews Bill Stoddard – Engineer . Joe Tarantino – Mastering

Package : Ken Deardoff – Cover Design . Orrin Keepnews – Liner Notes . Steve Schapiro – Photography

Recorded On February 2, 1961.

Released In March 1961 By Riverside.

(Source Bill Evans – Explorations | The BILL EVANS Webpages)


Ultimate Guitar
Jazz Album of the Week (that’s right … WEEK): Bill Evans Trio – ExplorationsNext, Haunted Heart starts off with Evans’ trademark masturbatory piano intros. It’s a really sweet ballad. I can’t decide whether it was good to keep it short and sweet at 3:29 or if I could’ve used a few more choruses. It’s fine just the way it is though. […]

The Bill Evans Trio was unique at the time as all three members would improvise together, rather than one after the other as was the norm at the time. While the three musicians had different approaches, they still stayed in touch with a song’s melody. […]

Wondering Sound
Everyone’s at the top of his game and their interplay is superb. The performances are certainly strong and aggressive enough, but lyricism is their most notable characteristic. […]


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