Liberty publish Canned Heat’s second album : ‘Boogie with Canned Heat’ featuring ‘On the Road Again’ (1968)

‘Boogie with Canned Heat’ feat. ‘On the Road Again’ is their second album released on January 21, 1968 by Liberty.

Track Listing : 1.Evil Woman (Larry Weiss) – 02:59 . 2.My Crime (Canned Heat) – 03:57 . 3.On The Road Again (Floyd Jones, Alan Wilson) – 05:01 . 4.World In A Jug (Canned Heat) – 03:29 . 5.Turpentine Moan (Canned Heat) – 02:56 . 6.Whiskey Headed Woman No. 2 (Bob Hite) – 02:57 . 7.Amphetamine Annie (Canned Heat) – 03:56 . 8.An Owl Song (Alan Wilson) – 02:43 . 9.Marie Laveau (Henry Vestine) – 05:18 . 10.Fried Hockey Boogie (Larry Taylor) – 11:07

Musicians : Bob Hite – Vocals . Alan Wilson – Slide Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica . Henry Vestine – Lead Guitar . Larry Taylor – Bass . Adolfo De La Parra – Drums . Dr. John – Piano . Sunnyland Slim – Piano On (5)

Production : Produced By Skip Taylor, Dallas Smith . Dino Lappas – Engineer

Recorded October-November 1967 At Liberty Studios.

Released On January 21, 1968 By Liberty.

Package : John Cline – Artwork . Dean O. Torrence – Design .


The Canned Heat Story [DVD]Do yourself a favour: if you want to really understand what made Canned Heat a truly great legend of the counter-culture, listen to what your uncle Fito has to say, sit back and dig those early performances. Even now, they’ve still got the power to blow you away. […]

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There is also a lurid amateurish sleeve that really jumps out at ya. After 1-4 the album is merely average though the lead guitar playing is outstanding. […]

Canned Heat‘s second long-player, Boogie With Canned Heat (1968), pretty well sums up the bona fide blend of amplified late-’60s electric rhythm and blues, with an expressed emphasis on loose and limber boogie-woogie. For enthusiasts as well as listeners curious about the oft-overlooked combo, this is an essential, if not compulsory platter. […]


‘Boogie with Canned Heat’ feat. ‘On the Road Again’ on RVM [Radio.Video.Music]M


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