We all wish Happy Birthday to Carlos Santana. ‘Gitartista’

This day (July 20, 1947), in Autlán de Navarro, Jalisco, México, is born Carlos Augusto Santana Alves simply known as Carlos Santana, a Mexican and American rock guitarist..

Digest Tracklist :

Evil Ways (w/ Santana, Woodstock, 1969) . Black Magic Woman (w/ Santana, DICK CAVETT SHOW, 1970) . Jungle Strut (w/ Santana, 1971) . Europa (1976) . Revelations (Chicago, 1977) . All I ever wanted (Dortmund, 1980) . Sensitive Kind (WTD Tomorrow show with Tom Snyder, 1981) . Blowin’ in the Wind (w/ Bob Dylan) . Live Aid (w/ Pat Metheny, 1985) . El Mar (1987) . Elegant People (w/ Wayne Shorter, Montreux 1988) . The Healer (w/ Santana, 1989) . I Love You Much Too Much (Golden Gate Park, 1991) . Why Can’t We Live Together (w/ Santana,Santiago, 1992) . Black Magic Woman (w/ Santana,1993) . En Aranjuez Con Tu Amor (Warsaw, 1994) . Vamonos Guajira (w/ Santana & Escola Nova De Samba, 1996) . Maggot Brain (w/ Julian Lage, 1997) . Latin Grammy (w/ P.O.D., 2002) . Apache (w/ Wayne Shorter, 2003) . Day Of Celebration (Hymns For Peace , Montreux, 2004 . Adouma (w/ Santana, 2005) . La Viola (Argentina, 2006) . Into The Night (w/ Santana, Chad Kroeger) . Curación (Sunlight on Water) . Samba Pa Ti (w/ Santana, Viña del Mar, 2009) . While My Guitar Gently Weeps (w/ Santana) . Maria Maria (w/ Santana, Montreux, 2011) . Happy Birthday (Wembley Arena, 2013) . Dar um Jeito (We Will Find a Way) (2014) . Besos de Lejos (w/ Gloria Estefan) . High Time We Went (w/ Eric Clapton, Hyde Park, 2018) . Breaking Down The Door (w/ Buika) (2019) . (w/ Taj Farrant) – @ Las Vegas (2020) .

Tracklist :

Black Magic Woman . Samba Pa Ti . Oye Como Va . Soul Sacrifice . Smooth . Evil Ways . Bella . Europa . Maria Maria . Jingo .


Recorded between December 19 and 22, 1968, Live at the Fillmore 1968 is a live album by Santana. >>

Released on November 9, 1973, Welcome is the fifth studio album by Santana. >>

Released in September 1989, The Healer is an album by John Lee Hooker, featuring collaborations with Bonnie Raitt, Charlie Musselwhite, Los Lobos and Carlos Santana. >>

Carlos Santana & Buddy Miles! Live! is a live album recorded in Honolulu at the Sunshine 72 Festival and released on June 7, 1972. >>

Abraxas by Santana is their second studio album recorded on April 17 and May 2, 1970. >>

Released on March 26, 1976, Amigos is the seventh studio album (featuring the hit Europa) by Santana. >>

Released in February 1987, Freedom is the fourteenth studio album by Santana featuring Buddy Miles as a vocalist. >>

Released in January 1977, Festival is the eighth studio album from Santana >>

Recorded (for the live parts) in December 1976 and 1977, Moonflower is a double album by Santana. >>

Released on October 22, 2002, Shaman is the eighteenth studio album by Santana. >>

Released on October 11, 1972, Caravanserai is the fourth studio album by Santana. >>

Released in September 1971, Santana (III) is the third (and its second self-titled) studio album by Santana. >>

Love Devotion Surrender by Carlos Santana & John McLaughlin is an album recorded with their respective bands, Santana and The Mahavishnu Orchestra and released on July 20, 1973. >>

Santana’s Lotus is a live album recorded on July 3 & 4, 1973 in Japan and released as a triple vinyl. >>

Zebop! by Santana is their eleventh studio album released in April 1981. >>

Released in February 1985, Beyond Appearances is the thirteenth studio album by Santana. >>

Released on November 1, 2005, All That I Am is the nineteenth studio album by Santana collaborating with other artists. >>

Released in October 1974, Borboletta is the sixth studio album by Santana. >>

Released in September 1979, Marathon is the tenth studio album by Santana with Alex Ligertwood as a singer. >>

Santana’s Supernatural is their seventeenth (and most successful ) album released on June 14, 1999. >>

Released in October, 1978, Inner Secrets is the ninth studio album by Santana. >>

Released in August 1969, Santana is the debut studio album by the San Francisco chicano rock group Santana. >>

Corazón by Carlos Santana is his twenty-second studio album recorded with various singers and released on May 6, 2014. >>

Santana ‘s ‘Santana IV’ is their twenty-third studio album (reuniting the almost entire Woodstock lineup) released on April 15, 2016 by Santana Records. >>



Wikipedia : This day (July 20, 1947), in Autlán de Navarro, Jalisco, México, is born Carlos Augusto Santana Alves simply known as Carlos Santana, a Mexican and American rock guitarist..

Carlos Santana : Long before the category now known as “world music” was named, Santana’s ever-evolving sound was always ahead of its time in its universal appeal, and today registers as ideally in sync with the 21st century’s pan-cultural landscape.

@allmusi.com : Mexican-born American guitarist he is best known as the leader of the band that bears his last name, which has toured and recorded successfully since the late ’60s. He has also recorded a series of exploratory solo albums and collaborations with other musicians that expand upon his basic musical style.

@last.fm : The band’s sound featured his melodic, blues-based guitar lines set against Latin and African rhythms. Santana continued to work in these forms over the following decades. He experienced a resurgence of popularity and critical acclaim in the late 1990s.

@Discogs :

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