Eric Dolphy records his second album as leader : ‘Out There’ (1960)

Eric Dolphy‘s ‘Out There’ is his second album as band leader, recorded on August 15, 1960 and released the same year by New Jazz.

Track Listing : 1.Out There (Eric Dolphy, Charles Mingus) – 06:55 . 2.Serene (Eric Dolphy) – 07:01 . 3.The Baron (Eric Dolphy) – 02:57 . 4.Eclipse (Charles Mingus) – 02:45 . 5.17 West (Eric Dolphy) – 04:50 . 6.Sketch Of Melba (Randy Weston) – 04:40 . 7.Feathers (Hale Smith) – 05:00

Musicians : Eric Dolphy — Flute, Bass Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Clarinet . Ron Carter — Bass, Cello . George Duvivier — Bass . Roy Haynes — Drums

Production : Produced By Rudy Van Gelder Rudy Van Gelder – Engineer . Joe Tarantino – Mastering

Package : Rudy Van Gelder – Liner Notes . Joe Goldberg – Liner Notes

Recorded On August 15, 1960 At Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, Nj.

Released In 1960 By New Jazz.

(Source Eric Dolphy‘s ‘Out There’ | Alan Saul)


The effect is akin to hearing Ornette’s classic quartet for the first time, with Dolphy and Carter phrasing the tunes together with uncanny unity (like Coleman and Don Cherry) but in a much darker, stranger vein. […]

The music reveals the depth of his thought processes while also expressing his bare-bones sensitive and kind nature. The bluesy “Serene,” led by Carter alongside Dolphy’s bass clarinetand the wondrous ballad “Sketch of Melba” provide the sweetest moments, […]

jazzbo Notes
Out There is unique in the jazz literature, as far as I know, a mixture of post-bop, chamber musicand the avant guarde. Yet, for jazz fans with a dash of adventure in their souls, it’s remarkably accessibleand well worth seeking out. […]

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