‘Vous Avez Dit Bizarre’ New Music Videos – N°702

Here are the brand new videos that amused, puzzled and sometimes shocked us, these past days. Beware (possibly) NSFW

51 . Bob Vylan – Reign

Date Added : Apr 7,2024

English duo Bob Vylan, formed in 2017, fuses grime rap with punk rock. Their albums “We Live Here” (2020) and “Bob Vylan Presents the Price of Life” (2022) address social issues. Winners of the 2022 MOBO Award and Kerrang! Award, they’re known for their confrontational lyrics.
Music video directed by : Taz Tron Delix

We Live Here (2020)

50 . Wu-Lu – Daylight Song

Date Added : Apr 7,2024

Wu-Lu, based in South London, is recognized for blending genres, with works like “Loggerhead” earning critical acclaim and nominations at the Libera and AIM Awards. His music, addressing themes like racism and gentrification, reflects his diverse musical background and activism.
Music video directed by : Ethan Barrett

Scrambled Tricks (2023)

49 . Novo Amor – Co-Pathetic

Date Added : Apr 7,2024

Novo Amor, or Ali Lacey, creates music intertwining folk, indie, and electronic elements, noted for albums like “Birthplace.” His works, featuring introspective lyrics and atmospheric soundscapes, explore personal and environmental themes.

Anchor (2016)

48 . Mount Kimbie – Shipwreck

Date Added : Apr 7,2024

Mount Kimbie, a pioneering English electronic music duo formed in 2008, released influential albums “Crooks & Lovers” (2010), “Cold Spring Fault Less Youth” (2013), and “Love What Survives” (2017). Collaborating with James Blake and King Krule, they are hailed for blending genres.
Music video directed by : Jay Izzard – Song featured on the album : The Sunset Violent

Carbonated (2011)

47 . Vilain Coeur, JoeyStarr – D’Où Je Viens

Date Added : Apr 7,2024

French pop duo Vilain Coeur consisting of Cris and Sofi, known for their electro-pop synthesis, combine catchy melodies with introspective lyrics.
Music video directed by : Raphaël Sartoris

À La Fin (2020)

46 . Lil Mabu & DD Osama – Evil Empire

Date Added : Apr 6,2024

Lil Mabu, a New York drill rapper, gained attention with “Miss Me” and “No Snitching” in 2020. His debut mixtape “Double M’s” and singles like “Throw” have bolstered his rising career. In 2023, his track “Mathematical Disrespect” charted internationally.
Music video directed by : Rick Lancaster – Song featured on the album : Young Genius

Mathematical Disrespect (2023)

45 . Wardruna – Hertan [Heart]

Date Added : Apr 6,2024

Norwegian group Wardruna, formed in 2003, delves into Norse traditions using historical Nordic instruments and natural sounds. Their albums, including the Runaljod trilogy and “Kvitravn,” explore ancient Norse culture. They’ve contributed to the “Vikings” TV series soundtrack.
Music video directed by : Tuukka Koski

Kvitravn [White Raven] (2021)

44 . Empire Of The Sun – Changes

Date Added : Apr 6,2024

Australian duo Empire of the Sun, formed in 2007 by Luke Steele and Nick Littlemore, achieved fame with “Walking on a Dream.” Through their albums, such as “Ice on the Dune” and “Two Vines,” their electro-pop sound, complemented by distinctive visual performances, has earned them international recognition, including double platinum in Australia.
Music video directed by : Michael Maxxis

We Are The People (2011)

43 . Omar Apollo – Spite

Date Added : Apr 6,2024

Omar Apollo, an American singer-songwriter from Indiana, blends R&B, pop, and Latin music, drawing on diverse influences. His debut album “Ivory” in 2022, including the hit “Evergreen,” showcases his genre-blending talent. Featured as Apple Music’s Up Next artist, he has received a Grammy nomination for Best New Artist and collaborated with C. Tangana.
Music video directed by : Bandiz

Evergreen [You Didn’T Deserve Me At All] (2023)

42 . Yellow Days – Finer Things In Life

Date Added : Apr 4,2024

British musician Yellow Days, aka George van den Broek, blends indie soul-pop with his debut EP “Harmless Melodies” in 2016. His LP “Is Everything Okay in Your World?” features collaborations like Rejjie Snow. Known for “Gap in the Clouds” and his follow-up “A Day in a Yellow Beat” in 2020, van den Broek displays a unique vocal style and diverse musical influences.Song featured on the album : Hotel Heaven’

The Curse (W/ Mac Demarco) (2021)

41 . Elyon – L’Autre Toi

Date Added : Apr 4,2024

Parisian rapper/singer/songwriter Elyon, active in the French music scene, is known for his “flux” concept, described as spontaneous musical outbursts. Integrating modern musical codes with intense emotional freedom, Elyon‘s work is accompanied by conceptual, powerful videos.
Music video directed by : Elyon

Qui Va ÉCouter ÇA? (2023)

40 . Dinaa – Le Chant Des Sirènes

Date Added : Apr 4,2024

Dinaa is an 18-year-old upcoming French singer.
Music video directed by : Willy Guittard – Song featured on the album : Les Rêves Qui Parlent

Angoisse (2023)

39 . Morgenshtern – Последняя Любовь

Date Added : Apr 3,2024

Russian artist Morgenshtern rose to fame with “Legendary Dust” in 2020, achieving record VK streams. Known for viral TikTok hit “Ice” and “Malyshka,” he faced controversy over political views. Spotify named him Russia’s most listened-to artist in 2021.

12 (2022)

38 . Kiasmos – Flown

Date Added : Apr 3,2024

Kiasmos, a Faroese-Icelandic duo formed by Ólafur Arnalds and Janus Rasmussen in 2009, blends electronic and classical music. They released the “Thrown” EP in 2012 and albums “Kiasmos” in 2014 and “Blurred” in 2017.
Music video directed by : Greg Barnes

Blurred (2018)

37 . The Day – Sidelines

Date Added : Apr 3,2024

The Day, featuring Laura Loeters and Gregor Sonnenberg, blends Dream Pop with a DIY ethos. Their debut “Midnight Parade” in 2019 earned them newcomer status on Deutschlandfunk Kultur.
Music video directed by : The Day

We Killed Our Hearts (2021)

36 . Roxane Le Texier – Ta Louve

Date Added : Apr 3,2024

Belgian actress and singer Roxane Le Texier, born July 28, 1991, gained fame as Marie Antoinette in “1789, Les Amants de la Bastille” (2012-2014). She’s expanding her career into music and film, including a musical short for Eram in March 2013.
Music video directed by : Andrès Molina

Je Mise Tout [1789, Les Amants De La Bastille] (2013)

35 . TXT, 투모로우바이투게더 – Deja Vu

Date Added : Apr 2,2024

Tomorrow X Together aka TXT, a South Korean boy band under Big Hit Music, debuted in 2019 with “The Dream Chapter: STAR”. Members Soobin, Yeonjun, Beomgyu, Taehyun, and Huening Kai have won multiple Rookie of the Year awards.
Music video directed by : Yu Kwang Goeng

Lo$Er=Lo♡Er (2022)

34 . Milky Chance And The Beaches – Living In A Haze

Date Added : Apr 2,2024

Milky Chance and The Beaches, formed by Clemens Rehbein and Philipp Dausch in Kassel, Germany in 2012, blends folk, reggae, and electronic music. Their debut single “Stolen Dance” topped international charts. Albums include Sadnecessary (2013), Blossom (2017), and Mind the Moon (2019).
Music video directed by : Anthony Molina

Stolen Dance (2014)

33 . omri – Pick Up

Date Added : Apr 2,2024

omri, an artist from Israel now based in Los Angeles, mixes dubstep and trap with raw songwriting.
Music video directed by : Omri – Song featured on the album : Real Not Real (Ep)

Check My Pulse (2022)

32 . Magnet Brain – Mad Shuura

Date Added : Mar 31,2024

Margad Ganzorig, known as Magnet Brain, is a Mongolian R&B and pop singer-songwriter born on March 30, 1998. She gained fame as a finalist on The Voice of Mongolia in 2018 and released her debut single “Fakini” in 2020.
Music video directed by : Roma Shaglanov

Fakini (2021)

31 . Gremlin – The Broken Ones

Date Added : Mar 31,2024

Gremlin, real name Mark Henriquez, is a rapper from Santa Ana, California, known for exploring themes of struggle, addiction, and pain through his music.
Music video directed by : Anickan

Whiskey Over Ice (2022)

30 . Shy Smith – Soaked

Date Added : Mar 31,2024

Shy Smith, born on August 3, 2000, in Canada, is a TikTok star and social media influencer renowned for her comedic and lip-sync videos, especially those referencing early 2000s pop culture.
Music video directed by : Ben Cole

29 . Girl and Girl – Mother

Date Added : Mar 31,2024

Australia’s Girl and Girl, a four-piece garage rock band, includes Kai James and Aunty Liss, with Jayden Williams and Fraser Bell. Their debut Sub Pop single “All I See” was released with a video inspired partly by Miley Cyrus’s “Flowers.”
Music video directed by : Andy Freer & Daniell Flood – Song featured on the album : Call A Doctor

Dance Now (2023)

28 . J-Hope – Neuron (w/ 개코, 윤미래)

Date Added : Mar 30,2024

J-Hope, a member of BTS, is known for solo tracks like “Daydream” from his mixtape “Hope World,” which topped the Billboard World Digital Song Sales chart. His work reflects his dance background and contributions to BTS’s choreographies.
Music video directed by : Jan’ Qui

More (2023)

27 . NCT Dream, 엔시티 드림 – smoothie

Date Added : Mar 30,2024

NCT Dream, a sub-unit of NCT formed by SM Entertainment in 2016, debuted with “Chewing Gum.” Their music has evolved from youthful themes to more mature concepts, achieving chart success with albums like “The First.”

Boom (2020)

26 . Karrahbooo – Rip Follies

Date Added : Mar 30,2024

Karrahbooo, signed to Lil Yachty’s Concrete Boys collective in 2023, has released singles like “Box the 40.” Known for her animated style and sharp punchlines, she has made significant contributions to the rap genre.

Money Counter (2023)

25 . Crumb – Amama

Date Added : Mar 30,2024

Crumb, an American band formed at Tufts University, is recognized for their blend of psychedelic slacker-rock and lo-fi dream pop. Their albums “Jinx” and “Ice Melt” showcase their unique sound, with “Amama” announced for 2024.
Music video directed by : Abraham El Makawy

Locket (2018)

24 . Mothica – Doomed

Date Added : Mar 29,2024

Mothica, real name McKenzie Ellis, is an American artist blending pop, rock, and emo. Starting music at 18, her early hit was “Starchild.” The “Mythic” EP and “Blue Hour” album highlight her journey. Her song “VICES” went viral on TikTok, featuring on Billboard and iTunes charts.
Music video directed by : Samuel Halleen – Song featured on the album : ‘Kissing Death

Sensitive (2022)

23 . Mixed Up Everything – Would You Be Me?

Date Added : Mar 29,2024

Australian rock band Mixed Up Everything, formed by the Dhima brothers in Melbourne, is known for their grunge style and YouTube success. Their albums include “Ex-Nihilo” (2017) and “I Choose” (2021).
Music video directed by : Elvin Minaj – Song featured on the album : What’S The Rush Now?

The Bike (2023)

22 . La Femme – Françoise

Date Added : Mar 29,2024

La Femme, a French psych-punk band from Biarritz (2010), merges new wave and psychedelia. Their debut, “Psycho Tropical Berlin” (2013), won “Album revelation” at Victoires de la Musique (2014). Albums “Mystère” and “Paradigmes” further cemented their impact.
Music video directed by : Irwin Barbé – Song featured on the album : La Femme Ressort (Ep)

Où Va Le Monde (2017)

21 . Muzz – Galvanize

Date Added : Mar 29,2024

Muzz, an American band from New York, features Paul Banks, Matt Barrick, and Josh Kaufman, blending art rock and folk. Formed in 2015, their self-titled debut album (2020) under Matador Records showcases a timeless, nostalgic sound divergent from their post-punk roots.

Red Western Sky (2021)

20 . Pond – (I’m) Stung

Date Added : Mar 28,2024

Australian psychedelic rock band Pond, formed in 2008, gained attention with “Beard, Wives, Denim” (2012) and further acclaim with singles like “Burnt Out Star” (2018). Their ninth album “9” was released in 2021. Members have ties with Tame Impala, contributing to both bands.
Music video directed by : Pond – Song featured on the album : Stung!

Take Me Avalon I’M Young (2022)

19 . SeeYouSpaceCowboy – To The Dance Floor For Shelter (w/ Courtney LaPlante)

Date Added : Mar 28,2024

SeeYouSpaceCowboy, formed in Los Angeles in 2016, blends sasscore and metalcore. Their albums “The Correlation Between Entrance and Exit Wounds” (2019) and “The Romance of Affliction” (2021) received notable recognition. The band is known for addressing themes such as LGBTQ rights and veganism.
Music video directed by : Errick Easterday

The End To A Brief Moment Of Lasting Intimacy (2022)

18 . Soft Play – Mirror Muscles

Date Added : Mar 28,2024

English duo Soft Play, formerly Slaves, changed their name in 2022, addressing previous controversies. Known for albums “Are You Satisfied?” (2015) and “Take Control” (2016), they received a Mercury Music Prize nomination and achieved UK chart success.

Cut And Run (2019)

17 . Facs – North America Endless

Date Added : Mar 28,2024

Known for its dark, innovative approach, Facs, a Chicago-based experimental rock trio formed in 2016, evolved from Disappears. Their sound mixes post-punk and industrial influences across albums like “Negative Houses” (2018) and “Present Tense” (2021).
Music video directed by : Joshua Ford

Strawberry Cough (2021)

16 . bbno$ – Lil’ Freak

Date Added : Mar 27,2024

Canadian rapper bbno$ (Alexander Leon Gumuchian) gained fame with “Lalala” alongside Y2K, amassing over 700 million streams. Born June 30, 1995, in Vancouver, he has released albums like “Recess” and collaborated with artists internationally.
Music video directed by : Shiraz

Lalala (2019)

15 . Cannons – Sweeter

Date Added : Mar 27,2024

Cannons, formed in 2013 in Los Angeles, blends indie electronic with alternative dance. Known for the Platinum-certified “Fire for You” and album “Heartbeat Highway” in 2023 under Columbia Records, they’ve charted on Billboard’s dance and alternative airplay.
Music video directed by : Anastasia Delmark

Hurricane (2022)

14 . Antiage – 「海水をのむ」

Date Added : Mar 27,2024

Japanese band Antiage, formed in 2021, emerged from Koshigaya with their EP “Ogah” in 2022. Their sound, blending shoegaze rock with emotional Japanese alternative, is defined by dreamy soundscapes and dynamic performances.
Music video directed by : Shu (Antiage)

Lone (2022)

13 . Liz Lawrence – Big Machine

Date Added : Mar 27,2024

English artist Liz Lawrence, active since 2012, blends indie pop with autobiographical lyrics. Her albums include “Bedroom Hero” (2012), “Pity Party” (2019), and “The Avalanche” (2021), showcasing her evolution from lo-fi folk to pop.
Music video directed by : Brendon Cleaves – Song featured on the album : Peanuts

Usp (2020)

12 . Laure – Roadside Romeo

Date Added : Mar 26,2024

Laure, born Ashish Rana Magar in Pokhara, Nepal, became a prominent rapper and actor, initially rising to fame through a YouTube rap battle. His music, including “Mero Solta” and “Case no. 420,” crosses hip-hop and rap genres. Laure has judged Himalaya Roadies since 2017, and starred in the movie “Tandav.”
Music video directed by : Nicholas Gurung

Superraga (2018)

11 . Monatik – Вічно Танцююча Людина

Date Added : Mar 26,2024

Ukrainian artist Monatik, born Dmytro Monatyk in Lutsk, released albums “Саундтрек сегодняшнЕГО дня” in 2014 and “Звучит” in 2016. A judge on Dancing With The Stars Ukraine and coach on The Voice Kids Ukraine, his performances, including at Eurovision 2017, and “Vitamin D” show, have earned accolades like the YUNA and TeleTriumph awards for “Best Concert Show.”
Music video directed by : Julie Paskal

Love It (2020)

10 . Porij – Unpredictable

Date Added : Mar 26,2024

Active since 2018, Porij, a British band formed at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester, blends house, garage, and lo-fi pop. Members Eggy, Tommy, Jammo, and Tom debuted with “Breakfast” in 2020.
Music video directed by : Maxi Mclachlan

Nobody Scared (2021)

9 . Lynks – Tennis Song

Date Added : Mar 26,2024

Bristol-born Lynks, now a key figure in London’s electro-punk scene, merges music with queer culture critique, especially in singles like “Silly Boy,” targeting toxic masculinity. Influenced by Leigh Bowery and Vivienne Westwood, Lynks‘ performances and fashion challenge societal norms, embodying a blend of raw music and bold statements in queer expression.
Music video directed by : Kassandra Powell – Song featured on the album : Abomination

Everyone’S Hot [And I’M Not] (2021)

8 . Chinchilla – MF Diamond

Date Added : Mar 23,2024

Daisy Matilda Bertenshaw aka Chinchilla is a London-born artist.
Music video directed by : Ben Cole

Little Girl Gone (2023)

7 . Kid Kapichi – Zombie Nation (w/ Suggs)

Date Added : Mar 23,2024

Kid Kapichi, formed in Hastings in 2013, has drawn comparisons to Arctic Monkeys and Queens of the Stone Age. Their energetic rock sound has earned BBC airplay from Steve Lamacq, Annie Mac, and others.
Music video directed by : Nick Suchak

I.N.V.U. (2023)

6 . Rendezvous Point – Don’t Look Up

Date Added : Mar 23,2024

Rendezvous Point, a Norwegian progressive metal band formed in 2010, is known for melodic compositions and skilled musicianship, drawing comparisons to Leprous and Opeth. Their albums “Solar Storm” and “Universal Chaos” showcase their talent in epic arrangements and vocals.
Music video directed by : Nikolai Grasaasen

Apollo (2019)

5 . Friedberg – Hello

Date Added : Mar 23,2024

Friedberg, an all-female-four-piece based in London, emerged in 2019 with their debut single “BOOM.” Their music, blending post-punk and alt-rock with pop sensibilities, has been featured in FIFA 20 and Netflix’s “Biohackers.”
Music video directed by : Talia Beale

Never Gonna Pay The Rent (2023)

4 . West. – Fate

Date Added : Mar 21,2024

West, formerly Johnny’s West, is a Japanese boy band debuting in 2014 with “Eejanaika”. Marking their 10th anniversary in 2023, they rebranded to emphasize their Kansai origins and future possibilities.

Number (2022)

3 . Porter Robinson – Cheerleader

Date Added : Mar 21,2024

Porter Robinson, born July 15, 1992, gained early fame with his “Spitfire” EP and collaborations like “Shelter” with Madeon. His album “Worlds” explored melodic sounds, and his alias Virtual Self was Grammy-nominated.
Music video directed by : Hugh Mulhern

Secret Sky Set (2021)

2 . Kcee & Onerepublic – Ojapiano [Remix]

Date Added : Mar 21,2024

Kingsley Chinweike Okonkwo, known as Kcee, is a Nigerian Afropop star who gained fame with his single “Limpopo” and album “Take Over.” Starting from a church choir to winning Star Quest, Kcee‘s music includes notable collaborations and awards​​.

Cultural Vibes (2021)

1 . Heeka – The Haunted Lemon

Date Added : Mar 21,2024

French artist, Heeka released “The Haunted Lemon” in January 2024, with singles “Useless” and “Elsewhere”.
Music video directed by : Skopika Production – Song featured on the album : The Haunted Lemon

Useless (2024)

‘Vous Avez Dit Bizarre’  New Music Videos – N°702


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