Everybody Is A Busy Body

From ‘Everybody Calls Me Crazy’ to ‘Everybody Loves The Sunshine’, we have mixed 19 ‘Jazz With a Slice Of Pop‘ tunes around the theme of ‘Everybody‘. It has Wynonie Harris, Brigitte Bardot, Henry Mancini, Trijntje Oosterhuis and many more.

IMAGE : Koestraat Photo by Ricardo Martins

Zydeco Kingdom : Clifton Chenier says“These old ladies would get up and dance in front of you. Sometimes the music was so hot that my hair would literally stand on end. I would be just shivering, and saying to myself that if I died at that moment, if I were electrocuted right there, that I would have done everything in music that I could ever possibly want to do, because the feeling was so intense”.

Jimmy Scott : Nancy Wilson cites Jimmy as her sole influence and claims “there would be no Nancy Wilson if it weren’t for Little Jimmy Scott”, who’s phrasing and natural style she studied since a child. Jimmy’s thanks her and is appreciative. He says if he’s helped anyone in anyway he’s happy for their success, as he is happy for Nancy ‘s success,

Nebraska Music Hall of Fame : In 1947, after years of recording for Decca, Harris switched to Kin Records and his career took off like a rocket. “Good Rockin’ Tonight” hit the top of the charts and was later recorded by Elvis Presley, which, by the way, was Elvis’ calling card to fame.

MSN Music : The Main Ingredient toiled in obscurity for the better part of the ’60s before making it big as a sweet, romantic soul outfit with a particular flair for ballads. Paced by the impassioned lead vocals of Cuba Gooding during their prime hitmaking years, the Ingredient is best remembered for their 1972 classic “Everybody Plays the Fool,”

Welcome to the most soulful site on the net : The greatest successes (of Roy Ayers’Ubiquity) came with the nowadays classic jazz/disco tune “Running Away” from the 1977 album Lifeline. Another big Ubiquity hit was also the tune, “Everybody loves the sunshine”, from 1976.

Traincha : Burt Bacharach really wanted Traincha to be the first singer to record and sing this impressive piano ballad. Traincha says: “It’s a great honor to be given a first recording by two of my heroes!”

ActionScript ToolBox : Charlie Haden says“James Cotton is a real blues guy, and he played with Muddy Waters, and it surprised me that they would want me to make a record with them, that he called me to do this record. I’d never done anything like that before. But I love blues, so I was very happy.”

Cascade Blues Association : In 1952, John and Big Bill Broonzy became the first of many Blues musicians who traveled to Europe. Both recorded for the French label, Vogue. John returned home and continued playing in the Chicago area. However, his personal luck took a nose-dive in 1955 when his house and everything in it burned. His wife died a few days later.

PLAYLIST : Clifton Chenier – Everybody Calls Me Crazy (3.14) . Trijntje Oosterhuis – Everybody Needs Somebody (5.16) . Little Jimmy Scott – Everybody’s Somebody’s Fool (4.29) . Elvis Presley – Everybody Come Aboard (1.51) . Wynonie Harris – Everybody’s Boogie (2.16) . The Main Ingredient – Everybody Plays The Fool (3.39) . Roy Ayers – Everybody Loves The Sunshine (3.42) . James Cotton & Charlie Haden Quartet – Everybody’s Fishin’ (3.17) . Louis Armstrong – Everybody’s Talking (3.02) . Henry Mancini – Everybody Blow! (3.22) . Metropolitan Jazz Affair – Everybody knows (4.23) . Blind John Davis – Everybody’s Boogie (2.25) . Taj Mahal – Everybody’s Got To Change Something (2.56) . Brigitte Bardot – Everybody Loves My Baby (2.12) . Dexter Gordon – Everybody’s Somebody’s Fool (6.45) . Sly & The Family Stone – Everybody Is A Star (3.02) . Peggy Lee – Everybody Loves Somebody (3.14) . Albert King – Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven (2.15) . Brenda Lee – Everybody Loves Me But You (2.33) . Romulo Gomes – Everybody Wants To Rule The World (2.37) .


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