Island publish Grace Jones’ fourth album : ‘Warm Leatherette’ featuring ‘Private Life’ (1980)

Grace Jones‘ ‘Warm Leatherette’ is her fourth (more reggae & New Wave than disco) studio album released on May 9, 1980 by Island.


Island publish Grace Jones’ fourth album : ‘Warm Leatherette’ featuring ‘Private Life’ (1980)

Track Listing : 1.Warm Leatherette (Daniel Miller) – 05:38 . 2.Private Life (Chrissie Hynde) – 06:19 . 3.A Rolling Stone (Deniece Williams, Fritz Baskett, Grace Jones) – 03:30 . 4.Love Is The Drug (Bryan Ferryandy Mackay) – 08:41 . 5.The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game (Smokey Robinson) – 06:45 . 6.Bullshit (Barry Reynolds) – 05:20 . 7.Breakdown (Tom Petty) – 05:30 . 8.Pars (Jacques Higelin) – 04:44

Jean-Paul Goude

Musicians : Grace Jones – Vocals, Background Vocals . Wally Badarou – Keyboards . Mikey Chung – Guitar . Sly Dunbar – Drums . Barry Reynolds – Guitar . Robbie Shakespeare – Bass . Uziah Thompson – Percussion

Production : Produced By Alex Sadkin, Chris Blackwell . Alex Sadkin – Engineer, Mixing . Chris Blackwell – Engineer, Mixing . Kendal Stubbs – Assistant Engineer

Package : Jean-Paul Goude asterisques RVM – Artwork

Recorded 1979–1980.

Released On May 9, 1980 By Island.

Video Director(s) : Mike Mansfield for “Private Life”

(Source Grace Jones – Warm Leatherette | Grace Jones @ Wikipedia)


The single “Private Life” was one of her bestand the overall album had more energy and production gloss than previous LPs that had been aimed completely at the club market. […]

I always wasn’t sure if Grace Jones can really sing, until I saw a part of a recording of her concert of the Hurricane-Tour from November 13, 2009 in “AVO Session”, Basel, Switzerland on ARTE on January 2, 2010. She can – in her unique and exceptional way and mix of speaking and singing – I am sure now, 30 years later!!! […]

The New York Times
Warm Leatherette With Beats and Plumage And they say haute couture is in trouble. So long as Grace Jones, onetime model, actress and disco and new wave deity, is taking to the road, or at least possesses some mirrors, creators of extravagant, absurd, carefully tailored outfits — costumes, really — will not starve. […]


Grace Jones‘ ‘Warm Leatherette’ on RVM [Radio.Video.Music]


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