Hiromi Uehara records ‘Beyond Standard’ with her group Sonicbloom (2000)

Hiromi Uehara’s ‘Beyond Standard’ is an album recorded on January 9-12, 2008 with her group Sonicbloom and released on June 10, 2008 By Telarc Jazz.


Hiromi Uehara records ‘Beyond Standard’ with her group Sonicbloom (2000)

Track Listing : 1 : 1.Intro – 0:28 . 2.Softly, As In A Morning Sunrise (Oscar Hammerstein Ii, Sigmund Romberg) – 07:29 . 3.Clair De Lune (Claude Debussy) – 07:25 . 4.Caravan (Duke Ellington, Juan Tizol) – 08:49) . 5.Ue Wo Muite Aruko (Hachidai Nakamura) – 08:42 . 6.My Favorite Things (Oscar Hammerstein Ii, Richard Rodgers) – 07:48 . 7.Led Boots (Max Middleton) – 06:33 . 8.Xyg (Hiromi Uehara) – 06:32 . 9.I’Ve Got Rhythm (George Gershwin) – 05:51

Musicians : David Fiuczynski – Guitar . Tony Grey – Bass . Martin Valihora – Drums . Hiromi’S Sonicbloom – Band

Production : Produced By Michael Bishop . Michael Bishop – Engineer, Mastering, Mixing . Stephanie Dufresne – Assistant Engineer . Jeff Gazdacko – Assistant Engineer . Paul Hamann – Assistant Engineer . Bill Mckinney – Assistant Engineer . Gus Skinas – Engineer

Package : Anilda Carrasquillo – Art Direction

Recorded On January 9-12, 2008.

Released On June 10, 2008 By Telsarc Jazz.

(Source Hiromi Uehara – Beyond Standard | HIROMI the Official Web Site)


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But so far she’s five-for-five in producing music that is unfailingly brilliant, innovative, radiant and clever. Hiromi’s Sonicbloom is a shot of adrenalin for tired musical tastes. […]

It’s a classy, impressive set that displays Hiromi’s obvious talents on keyboards, but also her commendable ability to integrate solos into the band format without losing the thread of the original song’s structure. […]

Too much on display here is merely clever without really giving the listener space or…Not unsurprisingly Sonicbloom’s version of the only Japanese song ever to gain a US number one, Ue Wo Muite Aruyko, fares best of all here. Its cute melody resists too much mangling. […]


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