Sony publish Mahavishnu Orchestra’s sixth album : ‘Inner Worlds’ (1976)

Mahavishnu Orchestra‘s ‘Inner Worlds’ is their sixth (and its last for nearly ten years) album released in January 1976 by Sony.


Sony publish Mahavishnu Orchestra’s sixth album : ‘Inner Worlds’ (1976)

1 . Lotus Feet (w/ Paco De Lucia)

2 . Lotus Feet (Jazz Day, 2013, w/ Ponty & Hussain)

Track Listing : 1.All In The Family (John McLaughlin) – 06:02 . 2.Miles Out (John McLaughlin) – 06:44 . 3.In My Life (John McLaughlin, Narada Michael Walden) – 03:22 . 4.Gita (John McLaughlin) – 04:29 . 5.Morning Calls (John McLaughlin, Narada Michael Walden) – 01:23 . 1.The Way Of The Pilgrim (Narada Michael Walden) – 05:15 . 2.River Of My Heart (Kanchan Cynthia Anderson, Narada Michael Walden) – 03:41 . 3.Planetary Citizen (Ralph Armstrong) – 02:14 . 4.Lotus Feet (John McLaughlin) – 04:24 . 5.Inner Worlds Parts 1&2 (Stu Goldbergg, John McLaughlin) – 06:37

Musicians : John McLaughlin – Guitars, Vocals . Stu Goldberg – Organ, Piano, Keyboards, Vocals, Clavinet, Mini Moog . Ralphe Armstrong – Bass . Narada Michael Walden – Percussion, Piano, Conga, Drums, Marimba, Vocals, Tympani, Shaker Mahavishnu Orchestra – Band

Production : Produced By John McLaughlin

Package : Lee Jeske – Liner Notes

Recorded In 1975.

Released In January 1976 By Sony.

(Source Mahavishnu Orchestra – Inner Worlds | John McLaughlin – Official Site)

Mahavishnu Orchestra


Robert Christgau
McLaughlin’s return to a small group would seem overdue, but in fact he’s right on time–trapped in the dead end he saw looming ahead of him way back in 1973, which is why he resorted to orchestrations in the first place. Yup, John’s got himself a funk fusion group just like Jan Hammer and Billy Cobham. […]
So why would I review “Inner Worlds Parts I & II” at all? Partly it is about acknowledging the experimentation of it. But mostly I was feeling nostalgic. I used “Part II” as the ending theme to my radio show Jazz Journey three decades ago. […]

All About Jazz
Without question, the worst tune McLaughlin ever recorded appears on this album. “Miles Out” should be avoided like the plague. We’ll just call it an experiment that didn’t work. Conversely, check out “Way of the Pilgrim”, which is stellar work. […]


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