Atlantic publish Jean-Luc Ponty’s album : ‘Mystical Adventures’ (1982)

Jean-Luc Ponty‘s ‘Mystical Adventures’ is an album recorded during summer 1981 in Los Angeles and released on January 18, 1982 by Atlantic,


Atlantic publish Jean-Luc Ponty’s album : ‘Mystical Adventures’ (1982)

Track Listing : 1.Mystical Adventures (Suite) Part I (Jean-Luc Ponty) – 03:29 . 2.Mystical Adventures (Suite) Part Ii (Jean-Luc Ponty) – 03:36 . 3.Mystical Adventures (Suite) Part Iii (Jean-Luc Ponty) – 07:29 . 4.Mystical Adventures (Suite) Part Iv (Jean-Luc Ponty) – 00:47 . 5.Mystical Adventures (Suite) Part V (Jean-Luc Ponty) – 05:04 . 6.Rhythms Of Hope (Jean-Luc Ponty) – 04:02 . 7.As (Stevie Wonder, Arr. Jean-Luc Ponty) – 05:48 . 8.Final Truth – Part I (Jean-Luc Ponty) – 04:54 . 9.Final Truth – Part Ii (Jean-Luc Ponty) – 02:06 . 10.Jig (Jean-Luc Ponty) – 03:56

Musicians : Paulinho Da Costa – Percussion . Jamie Glaser – Guitar . Rayford Griffin – Drums . Randy Jackson – Bass . Chris Rhyne – Synthesizer, Piano, Fender Rhodes, Synthesizer Bass, Oberheim 8 Voice, Prophet 5

Production : Produced By Jean-Luc Ponty, Arif Mardin . Brad Gilderman – Assistant Engineer . Bernie Grundman – Mastering . Peter R. Kelsey – Mixing . Bruce Robb – Assistant Engineer . Dee Robb – Engineer

Package : Sam Emerson – Photography . Claudia Ponty – Cover Art Concept

Recorded August–September, 1981 At Cherokee Recording Studios, Los Angeles, California.

Released On January 18, 1982 By Atlantic.

(Source Jean-Luc Ponty – Mystical Adventures | Official Website)


In a way, this record marks the end of an era for the electric violinist, his affair with the organ and electric piano blossoming into a full-time relationship with synthesizers on subsequent albums that allowed him to pursue a solo career in earnest. […]
Jazz, fusion or not, may quickly become merely ‘background music’ if we are not attentive to it. But the quality of Ponty’s music inevitably leads to an attentive listen. Critics said that Jean-Luc Ponty was the first jazz violonist to be as exciting as a saxophonist. Listen to Mystical Adventures to be convinced […]

For the last time, Ponty uses a suite of songs in an album, as he was fond of doing every other releaseand emphasized band interaction and improvising. At the same time, there are some subtle changes. […]


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