Johnny Cash records ‘At Folsom Prison’ a live album for Columbia Records (1968)

Johnny Cash‘s ‘At Folsom Prison’ is a live album (his 27th overall) recorded at Folsom State Prison on January 13, 1968 and released in May 1968 by Columbia Records.


Johnny Cash records ‘At Folsom Prison’ a live album for Columbia Records (1968)

1 . Folsom Prison Blues (Live)

2 . Orange Blossom Special (San Quentin)

Track Listing : 1.Folsom Prison Blues (Johnny Cash) – 02:42 . 2.Dark As The Dungeon (Merle Travis) – 03:05 . 3.I Still Miss Someone (Johnny Cash, Roy Cash Jr.) – 01:38 . 4.Cocaine Blues (T.J. Arnall) – 03:01 . 5.25 Minutes To Go (Shel Silverstein) – 03:31 . 6.Orange Blossom Special (Ervin T. Rouse) – 03:01 . 7.The Long Black Veil (Marijohn Wilkin, Danny Dill) – 03:57 . 8.Send A Picture Of Mother (Johnny Cash) – 02:11 . 9.The Wall (Harlan Howard) – 01:49 . 10.Dirty Old Egg-Suckin’ Dog (Jack H. Clement) – 01:17 . 11.Flushed From The Bathroom Of Your Heart (Jack H. Clement) – 02:39 . 12.Jackson (Billy Edd Wheeler, Jerry Leiber) – 02:56 . 13.Give My Love To Rose (Johnny Cash) – 02:41 . 14.I Got Stripes (Johnny Cash, Charlie Williams) – 01:42 . 15.Green, Green Grass Of Home (Curly Putman) – 02:57 . 16.Greystone Chapel (Glen Sherley) – 05:34

Jim Marshall

Musicians : Johnny Cash – Vocal, Guitar, Harmonica . June Carter – Vocal On (12 – 13) . Marshall Grant – Bass Guitar . W.S. Holland – Drums . Carl Perkins – Electric Guitar . Luther Perkins – Electric Guitar . The Statler Brothers – Vocals . Lew Dewitt – Vocals . Don Reid – Vocals . Harold Reid – Vocals . Phil Balsley – Vocals

Production : Produced By Bob Johnston . Bob Breault – Engineer . Bill Britain – Engineer

Package : Jim Marshall asterisques RVM – Photography

Recorded January 13, 1968 At Folsom State Prison.

Released In May 1968 By Columbia.

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The Telegraph
Johnny Cash At Folsom Prison: making of a masterpiecethe show concluded with ‘Greystone Chapel’, a song about Folsom’s church by inmate Glen Sherley, imprisoned for bank robbery, that the prison chaplain had given Cash on tape the previous evening. Sherley leapt up from the front rows, amazed. Cash shook his hand and said, I hope I do your song justice. […]

The Guardian
From the archive, 12 November 1968: Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison – reviewAt the end of the live album there is an official announcement: “Please hold your seats until released by the officer.” Then the bang of bolts driven back […]

Playing off their excitement, he slyly portrays himself as a rebel: Before I Still Miss Someone, Cash explains, This show is being recorded for an album release on Columbia Records, and you can’t say ‘hell’ or ‘shit’ or anything like that. Previously the latter has been bleeped out, but this reissue reinstates the expletive. How does that grab you, Bob? he asks, referring to producer Bob Johnston. […]


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