Last week In Visual Artists 34

Nabil Elderkin, Roger Dean, Drew Struzan, Bruce Weber, David Meyers, Lasse Hallstrom, Sante D’Orazio, Joseph Kahn, Pete Turner, Gerald Scarfe, Chuck Stewart, Tom Wilkes. They are the 12 Visual Artists selected among the 175 Posts we published last week.

Here, they are reunited in one glorious playlist. Enjoy!


1 . Nabil Elderkin – The Work (by Joseph Ngabo)

Lifted from : “Darkness and Light” John Legend’s fifth album

2 . Roger Dean – Promo (by Swart Life)

Lifted from : “Relayer” Yes seventh album

3 . Drew Struzan – Conceiving & Creating The Hellboy Movie Poster (By Haveyjames)

Lifted from : “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath” Black Sabbath’s fifth album

4 . Bruce Weber – Vogue Masters(by vogueitalia)

Lifted from : “Live in Paris” Diana Krall’s first live album

5 . David Meyers – Humble ‘s director is behind the greatest videos of all time (by INSIDER)

Lifted from : “Charmbracelet” Mariah Carey’s ninth album

6 . Lasse Hallstrom – Safe Haven Featurette (By Amc Theatres)

Lifted from : “The Visitors” ABBA’s eighth album

7 . Sante D’Orazio – Off The Wall / Elsa Hosk for Maxim(by Ronnie Abello / Fashion Show Modeling)

Lifted from : “My Life” Mary J. Blige’s second album

8 . Joseph Kahn – Working with Joseph Kahn (by Mariah Carey)

Lifted from : “Charmbracelet” Mariah Carey’s ninth album

9 . Pete Turner – Empowered By Color (by George Eastman Museum)

Lifted from : “Sugar” Stanley Turrentine’s album

10 . Gerald Scarfe – on Roger Waters (by UKBrainDamage)

Lifted from : “The Wall” Pink Floyd’s eleventh album

11 . Chuck Stewart – How did I you get started? (by Chuck Stewart)

Lifted from : “Sugar” Stanley Turrentine’s album

12 . Tom Wilkes – Talks About Monterey Pop (by Carey Ann Hays)

Lifted from : “All Things Must Pass” George Harrison’s first solo album


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