Let’s Go Green

From ‘On Green Dolphin Street’ to ‘Blue in green’, we have mixed 18 ‘Jazz‘ tunes around the theme of ‘Green‘. It has Tom Jones, Bryon Lee And The Dragonaires, Jazz Jamaica, Sonny Rollins and many more.

IMAGE : green on green with red Photo by Darwin Bell

PopMatters.com: (About “Green Onions”) Stax would be where the sound of soul music as we know it was created. The architects of that sound was an instrumental group named Booker T. & the MGs. And in 1962, they would release the greatest single of all time.

Jazz.com : “Green Chimneys” was a new composition on this date, named after the school Monk’s daughter attended. At nine minutes in duration, this track is the longest on a Grammy-winning album, which is made up of three remarkable quartet sessions.

Jazz Standards : “On Green Dolphin Street” was introduced as the main theme of the 1947 MGM film Green Dolphin Street The movie was based on British novelist Elizabeth Goudge’s 1944 book Green Dolphin Country, published that same year in the United States as Green Dolphin Street.

ska2soul.net : Tommy McCook lead the band and was also the musical arranger, he helped to develop Rock Steady and Reggae. Born in 1927 he attended Alpha Boys School in Kingston Jamaica, a breeding ground for great musicians. He emigrated to the Bahamas in 1954 where he developed his musical skills, which were jazz influenced.

Wikipedia : “Blue in Green”‘s melody is very modal, incorporating the presence of the dorian, mixolydian, and lydian modes. The first measure is a G minor chord with an added natural 13 (Gm13), which contains an F natural but the modality of the piece is already evident as the opening note of the melody is an E natural, which is the leading tone of the F major scale. The natural 13 of the chord is E natural.

Pasquale Bardaro on MySpace : Pasquale Bardaro (vibes–composer-arranger) Graduated in instruments to percussion and music jazz near the Conservatory S. Pietro a Majella of Naples. And stable percussionista near the Theatre of S. Carlo of Naples from 1998.

Straight Dope : Why is the room where TV talk-show guests wait before going on the air always called the “green room”? I’ve never seen one that was green.

Movie Grooves : Famed arranger, music director, producer Keith Mansfield has arranged top tunes for the likes of Tom Jones, Dusty Springfield, Georgie Fame, Gilbert O’Sullivan and Robert Plant.

PLAYLIST : Miles Davis – Green (4.25) . Sonny Rollins – On Green Dolphin Street (6.00) . Jazz Crusaders – Green Back Dollar (2.25) . Eddie Harris – Mean Greens (7.28) . Thelonious Monk – Green Chimneys (9.03) . Sophie Milman – (It’s Not Easy) Being Green (4.41) . Keith Mansfield – The Green Room (2.06) . Stan Getz – The Lady In Red (3.17) . Tom Jones – Green, Green Grass Of Home (3.06) . Tommy Mccook – Green Mango (3.40) . Jazz Jamaica – Green Island (3.00) . Gene Krupa – Green eyes (2.43) . Wes Montgomery – The Other Man’s Grass Is Always Greener (2.36) . Bryon Lee And The Dragonaires – Green Onions (2.51) . Charles Mingus – Blue Greens (11.4) . Eliane Elias – Blue in green (4.49) . Gene Ammons – Blue Greens And Beans (9.04) . Pasquale Bardaro – Ever green (4.23) .


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