MGM / Verve publish ‘Jazz Samba’ by Stan Getz & Charlie Byrd (1962)

‘Jazz Samba’ by Stan Getz & Charlie Byrd is a bossa nova (and the first on the American jazz scene) album released on April 20, 1962 by Mgm/Verve.


MGM / Verve publish ‘Jazz Samba’ by Stan Getz & Charlie Byrd (1962)

1 . Desafinado

2 . Desafinado / Chega De Saudade (w/ Gary Burton, Steve Swallow & Roy Haynes, 1966)

3 . Samba De Uma Nota Só

Stan Getz & Charlie Byrd – Jazz Samba

Track Listing : 1.Desafinado (Antonio Carlos Jobim, Newton Mendonça) – 05:52 . 2.Samba Dees Days (Charlie Byrd) – 03:35 . 3.O Pato (Jayme Silva, Neuza Teixeira) – 02:34 . 4.Samba Triste (Baden Powell, Billy Blanco) – 04:44 . 5.Samba De Uma Nota Só (Antonio Carlos Jobim, Newton Mendonça) – 06:12 . 6.É Luxo Só (Ary Barroso) – 03:43 . 7.Baia (Ary Barroso) – 06:49

Musicians : Stan Getz – Tenor Saxophone . Charlie Byrd – Guitar . Keter Betts – Bass . Buddy Deppenschmidt – Drums . Gene Byrd – Guitar, Bass . Bill Reinchenbach – Percussion

Production : Produced By Creed Taylor . Kevin Reeves – Mastering . Ed Green – Engineer . Steve Hoffman – Mastering

Package : Dom Cerulli – Liner Notes . Hollis King – Art Direction . Olga Albizu – Cover Painting

Recorded On February 13, 1962 At Pierce Hall, All Souls Unitarian Church, Washington D.C..

Released On April 20, 1962 By Mgm/Verve.

(Source ‘Jazz Samba’ by Stan Getz & Charlie Byrd | Stan Getz – Official Site)

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The Guardian
50 great moments in jazz: Stan Getz‘s Jazz Samba Jazz Samba’s magic formula wasn’t hard to identify. In its soft textures, low volumes and unobtrusively chilled-out feel, it was a throwback to the successful ‘cool-school’ of the previous decade, which reached a wide public by smoothing some of the rough edges off bebop and hard-bop. […]

The Huffington Post
Blame It on the Bossa Nova: Jazz Samba’s 50th Birthday According to Deppenschmidt, he was the first to suggest that the trio record a bossa nova album and he and Betts spent months trying to convince Byrd to do it. According to Elana Byrd (Charlie Byrd‘s sister-in-law), it was the idea of Charlie’s wife Ginny. […]

Getz’s playing is superb, simultaneously offering a warm, full tone and a cool control of dynamics; plus, Byrd’s gently off-kilter harmonies seem to stimulate Getz’s melodic inventiveness even more than usual. […]


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