Neil Young releases ‘Living With War,’ an album against the war in Iraq (2006)

Neil Young‘s ‘Living With War’ is his twenty-eighth studio album (against the war in Iraq), released on May 2, 2006 by Reprise.


Neil Young releases ‘Living With War,’ an album against  the war in Iraq (2006)

Track Listing : 1.After The Garden (Neil Young) – 03:23 . 2.Living With War (Neil Young) – 05:04 . 3.The Restless Consumer (Neil Young) – 05:47 . 4.Shock And Awe (Neil Young) – 04:53 . 5.Families (Neil Young) – 02:25 . 6.Flags Of Freedom (Neil Young) – 03:42 . 7.Let’S Impeach The President (Neil Young) – 05:10 . 8.Lookin’ For A Leader (Neil Young) – 04:03 . 9.Roger And Out (Neil Young) – 04:25 . 10.America The Beautiful (Katharine Lee Bates, Samuel Augustus Ward) – 02:57

Musicians : Neil Young – Guitars, Harmonica, Vocal . Rick Rosas – Bass . Chad Cromwell – Drums . Tommy Bray – Trumpet . Darrell Brown – Choir Master

Production : Produced By Neil Young, Niko Bolas, L.A. Johnson . Steve Genewick – Engineer . John Hausman – Engineer . Jimmy Hoyson – Engineer . John Nowland – Engineer . Harry Sitam – Engineer . Tim Mulligan – Mastering

Recorded March & April 2006.

Released On May 2, 2006 By Reprise.

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The songs are mostly non-blues, minor chord-charged garage stompers in the vein of “Rocking in the Free World” and Mirrorball. The sound isn’t revolutionary, but it’s tuneful and surprisingly catchy. […]

Thrasher’s Wheat
At the World War II memorial, as we contemplated the soldiers’ sacrifice, she told me that the refrain from the song Living With War was in her head and that the impact of the tune was striking and emotional. […]

The Guardian
The lyrics are surprisingly great throughout: affecting when they’re dealing with specifics, as on Flags of Freedom’s depiction of a young girl watching her Iraq-bound brother parade through town, then scabrous and witty when sloganeering. […]


Neil Young‘s ‘Living With War’ M



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