Paco de Lucía releases the album : ‘Cositas Buenas’ (2004)

Paco de Lucía’s ‘Cositas Buenas’ is an album featuring Tomatito on one song and released on January 27, 2004 by Blue Thumb Records.


Paco de Lucía releases the album : ‘Cositas Buenas’ (2004)

Track Listing : 1.Patio Custodio (Paco De Lucia) – 04:44 . 2.Cositas Buenas (Paco De Lucia) – 04:23 . 3.Antonia (Paco De Lucia) – 06:28 . 4.El Dengue (Paco De Lucia) – 04:03 . 5.Volar (Paco De Lucia) – 05:30 . 6.El Tesorillo (Paco De Lucia) – 04:39 . 7.Que Venga El Alba (Paco De Lucia) – 04:11 . 8.Casa Bernado (Paco De Lucia) – 04:12

Musicians : Paco De Lucía – Guitar, Vocal, Lute, Mandolin, Bouzouki, Palmas And Chorus . Tomatito- Guitar On (7) . Alejandro Sanz – Vocals On (8) . Piraña – Percussion . Guadiana – Palmas And Chorus . Antonio El Negro – Palmas And Chorus . Montse Cortés – Palmas And Chorus . Tana – Palmas And Chorus . Potito – Palmas And Chorus . Ángela Bautista – Palmas And Chorus

Production : Produced By Paco De Lucía, Javier Limón Pepe Loeches – Mixing . Fernando Alvarez – Mastering . Javier Limón – Engineer

Recorded 2003-2004.

Released On January 27, 2004 By Blue Thumb Records.


“Antonina”, one of the most beautiful pieces on the album, was written by Paco de Lucia for his daughter and it is on this composition that he lends his voice as well as his guitar. […]

While the singing is once again in the spotlight, there is plenty of de Lucia magic on Cositas Buenas to propel the music toward those unison flourishes (rasgueos) that almost always illicit outbursts of “Ole!” from the group. […]

All About Jazz
Now a somewhat shaggier beast, he’s returned after a five year absence with Cositas Buenas, which provides exactly the same “good little things” the title promises. […]


Paco de Lucía’s ‘Cositas Buenas’ on RVM [Radio.Video.Music]



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