Polygram release Paco de Lucía’s ‘Live in América’ (1994)

Paco de Lucía‘s ‘Live in América’ is a live album recorded with a sextet and released on March 22, 1994 by Polygram.


Polygram release Paco de Lucía’s  ‘Live in América’ (1994)

Track Listing : 1.Mi Niño Curro (Rondeña) (Paco De Lucía) – 08:31 . 2.La Barrosa (Alegría) (Paco De Lucía) – 04:56 . 3.Alcázar De Sevilla (Bulería) (Paco De Lucía) – 08:54 . 4.Peroche (Tanguillos) (Paco De Lucía) – 06:28 . 5.Tío Sabas (Taranta) (Paco De Lucía) – 06:34 . 6.Soniquete (Bulería) (Paco De Lucía) – 06:49 . 7.Zyryab (Paco De Lucía) – 12:53 . 8.Buana Buana King Kong (Rumba) (Paco De Lucía) – 05:14

Musicians : Paco De Lucía – Flamenco Guitar . Ramón De Algeciras – Flamenco Guitar . Carles Benavent – Bass Guitar . Pepe De Lucía – Vocals, Rhythm Guitar . Jorge Pardo – Flute, Soprano Saxophone . Rubem Dantas – Percussion . Manolo Soler – Percussion

Production : Produced By Paco De Lucía . Gary Stewart – Assistant Engineer . Javier Vacas – Mixing . Luis Villena – Mixing . Doug Hopkins – Engineer . Jesus Bola – Mixing

Package : Jean Luc Buro – Photography

Recorded 1993.

Released On March 22, 1994 By Polygram.

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CD Universe
Like his show, the music builds, as he begins solo on ‘Mi Niño Curro,’ then other members join him before it all culminates in a gloriously grinning ‘Buana Buana King Kong.’ There’s plenty of well-known de Lucia material here, like ‘Zyryab’ and ‘Tio Sabas,’ but on-stage there’s more freedom to stretch out than in the studio. […]

Live in America captures the magic and inspiration of Paco’s live performances and my only regret is that this CD does not included more material played by the virtuoso guitarist during this tour. Nevertheless, the themes chosen are longer and more developed than the studio versions, thus display Paco’s tremendous improvisation capacity which was developed by playing with different musicians from other music styles such as Al Di Meola and John Mc Laughlin. […]


Paco de Lucía‘s ‘Live in América’


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